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Guangzhou yao da leather manufacturers offer about guangzhou leather factory

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-25
Abstract: for many from clients on the network has too leather manufacturers offer high, the customer can choose 3 - choose leather goods manufacturers 5 factories price comparison, but the factory is far to quote the prices are high and low, is this why? Customer wants to know what you need to custom-made product prices, will be in different ways: 1, directly call leather goods manufacturers, general said your hand all the product size, as well as the material of products use, let factory direct quotation on the phone, the leather factory to quote the price with his own ideal price difference is very big. ( Directly through phone leather manufacturers offer, leather manufacturers custom bags style without knowing what you want, and the quality and grade of the case, will give you a probably of price, but often can make you disappointed) 2, direct communication through the chat tool, provide only the picture with size and material you want to do, let leather factory direct offer, but also can only estimate the price, compare with their ideal price gap. ( Send pictures through chat tools can only quote a rough price, because you want to do material has different price, leather manufacturers in don't know the material of all you have to do, is to have a good or general situation, can only give you estimate price) The above if you there is a real best can send factory physical, so the factory can according to the actual measurement to the actual bag accounting price, offer two methods mentioned above can be to estimate a probably of price, often set yourself up for disappointment. But if you want to customize the leather products with good quality and have no physical substance, you can let the factory proofing, in the process of proofing factory could send the material of different price let you choose, so pull out of the product not only you can see the quality of the sample, you can also understand the bag actually make big goods prices, although the process is long, but at least can understand the factory is in compliance with your request.
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