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Guangzhou yao da leather manufacturers of bags has shifted from a container into an important elements of apparel

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-26
Abstract: China's online market research in the 2012 - In 2017 China's luggage industry market research and regional investment prospects analysis report: in recent years, cases and bags, especially fashion bags on the cartoon image has, like flowers, bowknot, more and more become a kind of popular element. Although cartoon image has been in the business and the position of the fashion, but such large-scale climbed up the luggage is the first time, and has become a trend. Luggage products, especially the backpack and bag, the traditional sense of the utility function has been gradually weakened, and decorative function in strengthening. That is to say, the necessities of backpack to no longer is only things, but has become a fashionable feeling, individuation is very strong adornment. Many consumers buy package is no longer for laptop computers or books, but to match the dress, in order to express a kind of mood or a so-called different attitude towards life. Someone out of yearning for military, for example, will be very like, police kind of bag, can collect even dozens of different USES of the same brand size bag is provided, including the shoulders computer bag, single shoulder bag, purse, saddle bags, leg bag, sundry package, etc. There are some consumers, a series of different color bags to buy five at a time, different color pack to go out to work every day, a week is not weigh appearance. Modern people are playing a character. Whether men or women, at the time of shopping, meet bags of fashion and personality, can't see the eye. Their unique design and color and pattern to express the user's personality, is the ultimate decision self style objects. Breakthrough mediocrity, the pursuit of personality, the choose and buy a beautiful bag, fashion and personality can not only increase turns head, also can reflect their original YunWeiEr. “ What kind of type is your favorite? ” According to your own personal style and different social situations, select the appropriate bag according to the variation of tide and constantly add new products, this consumption habits have gradually become the consensus of modern urbanite life match. In China's rapid economic development, under the background of increasing income, the bag consumption is expected to again on a new step. With bags to show personality attitude & ndash; — Both fashionable rivets and leather tassel, both big haute couture and homemade canvas bag & hellip; … Highlight is a unique feeling and personality beauty. , of course, we are not to a crazy shopping, for a single package for gu pouch go all of you, we shall say, from work to travel back to the same bag, although is practical, but it is not proper collocation beneath bag instead of the value and uniqueness. The next two years, backpack personalized design will reflect in many aspects, such as the appearance of the crossover design, exaggerated color, novel bearing way, electronic open means, is the result of biological engineering security design, etc. Package development potential is unlimited. In recent years, China's luggage industry has maintained rapid growth, its GDP average annual compound growth rate of 18. 5%. According to conservative statistics, China's luggage market capacity up to 14 billion, and every year there is a huge potential for growth. Luggage industry are already familiar with grasp the consumption trend of consumers, said & other; No outdated fabrics, only outdated design & throughout; 。 More than 5900 leather goods enterprises in our country. Employees more than 90, ten thousand people; Bags enterprise has more than 3700, staff more than 60, ten thousand people. China's most populous nation, as one of the world export leather has entered a period of prosperity. Bag as a kind of unplanned consumer goods. Now is the shortage of people around him not. As important practical fashion element, bags market contains huge business opportunities. We guangzhou yao da leather factory has passed ISO9001 certification, the establishment of a strict quality control system, strictly the quality pass, every link of each product, all stand up to the customer, the third party and professional authority inspection test. Guangzhou leather factory yao da leather size, strong production base in guangzhou, huizhou, dongguan, has its own factory, quality control. Guangzhou leather factory yao da leather has a perfect training system, after all staff for training qualified mount guard; With modern computerized systems, each production link is recorded, traceability, ensure the quality of the product. Welcome to visit factory.
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