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Guangzhou yao da leather finishing men's bags out ten big brands - Men buy package of resources

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-23
Abstract: man can also have a high-end fashion bags, a fashion and high-end men's bags more show man glamour. But all men have this trouble, want to buy handbags too much and have no choice but because of the brand? Introduces for you below, we boast of what are one of the ten famous brands in men's bags, you may wish to choose the right. 1. LV Louis vuitton moet hennessy Louis vuitton ( China) Business sales co. , LTD. , LV, began in France in 1854, the world's top luxury brands, leather master advanced technology, with its excellent quality and original spirit is famous in international, interweave letters LV logo on the canvas bag is classic, fashionable whole world fashion myths. Since 1854, from generation to generation of Louis vuitton, with excellent quality, outstanding creativity, and exquisite craft has become a symbol of fashion travel art. Product series include: urban handbags, travel supplies, small leather goods, scarf, accessories, shoes, clothing, watches, fine jewelry and personalized custom services, etc. 2. Hermes Hermes Hermes ( Shanghai) Trade co. , LTD. , the world famous luxury brand, created in Paris in 1837, the typical representative of French luxury consumption, leather made of traditional sports/grace, famous for production of silk scarves and neckties, the KELLY bag/BIRKIN/silk scarves and neckties such classic design international reputation. Hermes ( Herme s) Is the world famous luxury brand, 1837 by Thierry Hermè S founded in Paris, France has a history of more than 170 years to date. Famous for production of silk scarves and ties of hermes in manufacturing of saddle and horse started, his luxury, conservative, distinguished, the entire brand, from the whole to the detail to its stores, are full of heavy to Marvin into the center of the deep inside information. 3. Armani Armani Armani Italy, giorgio Armani, Shanghai) Trade co. , LTD. , the world luxury brands, in milan in 1975, the world famous European designer brands, to use the new fabrics and is famous for its fine manufacture, suit jacket is its representative works. Armani is the world famous luxury brand, in 1975 by fashion design master George & middot; Armani, Giorgio Armani) Founded in milan, Italy, to use the new fabrics and is famous for its fine manufacture. 4. Gucci Gucci cloud ( China) Enterprise management co. , LTD. , Gucci Gucci, also called Gucci, global luxury boutique brand of excellence, began in 1921, & other; Made in Italy & throughout; Classic, the fashion is famous for high-end luxury/sexy Gucci as one of the top quality brand in the world, with its sharp fashion sense of touch and incomparable Italian handicrafts is famous all over the world. 5. Prada, the Prada Prada fashion business ( Shanghai) Co. , LTD. , began in Italy in 1913, the world's top luxury brand, high-end leather model, the European fashion giant, the famously perfectionist family brand, with classic & other; Black nylon bag & throughout; Popular in the world. PRADA, the PRADA, milan and a brand is famous for its perfect socialist family. In 1913, PRADA founded the first boutique in downtown milan, Italy, founder Mario design fashionable and excellent quality by PRADA handbags, suitcases, leather accessories and cosmetic boxes, etc. Series of products, from the royal family and the society's favor and popular. 6. Bally Barry Barry ( Shanghai) Business co. , LTD. , BALLY BALLY, was founded in Switzerland in 1851, operating one hundred classic brand, Scribe shoes is a classic representative of its footwear, functional/quality/extremely elegant pronoun BALLY BALLY, an operation of the one hundred classic brand, in the moment of founding brand, origin of a touching love story. In 1850, business trips in Swiss gentleman Carl bally found a shoe store on one day in Paris fashion avenue, inside the window beautiful leather shoes deeply attracted his attention, linger, decided to buy a pair of shoes to his wife, but because forget to size, and will buy all same style different size of leather shoes. This period of Carl bally encounters with the beauty of the leather shoes, cause the production of the highest in the world he wanted the idea of the leather shoes. The appearance of the next year, the first pair of bally leather shoes.
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