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Guangzhou yao da leather factory to teach you how to choose a fit with your wallet

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-25
Abstract: yao da want to say is that women love package, has nothing to do with practicality, selective conditions of the popular style, colour and lustre is very obvious. So relative to character, men's demand for package in addition to the practical is the high-end atmosphere. So yao da leather factory is here today about man purse, men how to choose a fit with your wallet? 1. Middle-aged on carry, it generally is illusory choose brief paragraph wallet, because it is easy to carry. 2, now young people's preferences: now young people generally prefer long wallet, it seems in their eyes, long wallet purse than the short one looks more show class, and long wallet is fashionable, tasteful. 3, the influence of the seasonal different: in the summer, short men prefer to carry a wallet, because it can literally into his pocket. 4, the choice of brand wallet: some brand leather will seal pressure big LOGO, also some brand LOGO in inconspicuous places; Some brand likes to use bright eye light coat of paint, also have some brands like heavy color. Choose a fit with your purse, wallet here for care yo work also cannot little, particularly for the careless men, leather care work need careful patience. Here we can explain the wallet to caress the digression, to increase the wallet and practical life and taste for a long time! 1, generally speaking, leather leather cleaning to do at least once a week, after touching water with a clean towel dry, repeated several times to gently dry. If you want to use detergent such items is a good idea to apply in one corner. 2, drinks, such as liquid, if carelessly spilt on the leather, using a clean cloth or sponge blot, don't use hair drier to blow. Because the leather is natural leather, with adsorption. So when the leather dyed after oil, can use dry cloth to wipe. Do not wash with water. 3, animal skins, though rough leather will also have a lot of pore air bags, but it is afraid of being and skin exposure. Wallet in cotton bag wrapped in the ventilation shade when not in use. But should put some soft tissue paper inside the package, in order to keep the shape of the bag. 4, daily use of shell is easy to cause cortical elastic fatigue, so it's best to choose to borrow a bag and then use interaction. 5, and finally, at the time of buying men's wallet, don't because of the brand and the price reason, ignore the style, color, style is appropriate for their own temperament and set off their own taste. How to choose a fit with your wallet? Believe that this is a lot of men are easily ignored when choose is more confused, hope after today we yao da leather factory in detail, the better answers to these questions can help you.
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