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Guangzhou yao da leather factory to talk about how to distinguish hand-made leather and do manual work is good or bad

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-24
Abstract: as the saying goes: a beautiful bag, same interesting of a soul. Guangzhou leather bag manufacturers inclined shoulder bag, leather shoulder bags, leather backpack, leather handbags, leather hand bags, leather envelope bag, computer bag, canvas bag, nylon bag. 。 。 。 。 The style of the kaleidoscope. Do you believe it or not! Bag has its unique temperament, reiki. Well well, what? Yao da leather with everyone. Handmade leather is in the absence of machine in pure handmade leather, it is this pure manual, it is not only a creation, plus a producer part of life and wisdom, let it appear more precious. And most of these claims that the brand manual on market, most of them in cutting, cutting edge, edge grinding, sewing machines, including Japan, Europe and the United States first-line, second-line brand, the world known as hermes, hand bag is no exception. Guangzhou handbags manufacturer to talk about how to recognize is manual leather? From the leather is an important process of stitching, mass production leather machine, the machine USES a sewing machine is a needle, use of power to the machine, wearing leather, two different thread go up and down. Set margins and spacing, walked along the edge of pushing, can seam down. And manual is with good painting need to sew thread first, and then with a cut to wear leather, you must each make beheaded, and leather vertical, to guarantee the smooth lines. At the same time, through efforts to grasp well, too, with 1 - More than 2 mm, can make the positive pore size is too large. Then with two needle wear at the two ends of the same thread, with saddle stitch seams. Different cut, different lines, different style, will bring different results. From this we can tell a stitching by hand or machine stitching is very good. Guangzhou bag manufacturer to talk about how to distinguish the stand or fall of hand-made leather? Leather of another important working procedure, sealing side sealing side of general need the following process: polishing leveling, let the edge smooth; Edge, round edge, Lu, go to bed surface/CMC grinding makes smooth edges; Sandpaper edge grinding, eye - from 600 1000 mesh - 1500 mesh ground up, more and more exquisite. Based on these two key links to see the manual leather do manual work is good or bad, the key is a look at the suture line mark smooth and consistent. See sealing side 2 and smooth not coarse don't cough up. Three see details. Handmade leather is leather is one of the most primitive art, just we see a small part of the work, more is behind the process of design, concept, thinking, more importantly producers in constant pursuit of a better work. Guangzhou bag manufacturers talk about yao da leather factory after 23 years of development, not only has a number of senior designers design team, also has a team of experienced master board, in the industry won the idea innovation, manual to the reputation of beauty.
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