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Guangzhou yao da leather factory tell you when choosing a brand of men's bags processing, pay attention to what aspects

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-26
Abstract: maybe a lot of brand leather garment companies have been or are choosing male packet processing, so in choosing leather processing factory to provide their own brand men's bags processing services, should note what respect? Guangzhou leather factory yao da leather small make up specially compiled some information for you, the hope can help you! Whether a company normal business operating company normal operation, must have the business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate and related documents. This is a public credibility, strong leather processing enterprises. Guangzhou leather factory yao da leather has passed the ISO9001 certification, the establishment of a strict quality control system, strictly the quality pass, every link of each product, all stand up to the customer, the third party and professional authority inspection test. Whether to have their own leather factory, can accept men's bags OEM business there are many companies claim to have independent leather processing plants, can accept male packet processing business, the truth is that? We might as well field, such already can understand each other's actual condition, can also has a deeper understanding on each other's strength! It has a very important role for the next cooperation. Have the ability of independent development and design to understand whether a leather factory with independent development and design ability, can undertake independent male packet processing business, you must visit their version of the room, and product exhibition hall! Version of the room design is the key of the leather factory, there is no independent development and design ability of leather processing plants, it's impossible to be qualified production, let alone accept brand men's bags processing business, guangzhou leather factory yao da leather has a strong ODM team, there are a number of senior designers, research and development strength; On the basis of 18 years of industry experience, be able to provide customers a variety of practical and feasible solutions. In addition, product exhibition hall is also very important. Because this is a leather factory culture accumulation, spacious exhibition hall, neatly put a wide variety of men's bags samples, it is a reflection of a leather processing plant professional. Workshop production is smooth and orderly leather factory production workshop is smooth and orderly, workshop environment is clean, this is its management ability. Workshop management control strictly leather processing plants, for the men's bags processing quality and delivery time guaranteed, guangzhou leather factory yao da leather continuous introduction of new equipment, improve production efficiency, reduce production cost; Pay attention to retain talent, continuously improve production technology, reduce loss, save costs. Packaging quality is strictly as the last part of men's bags processing production, is the packaging quality. Strict packaging quality inspection, is a powerful guarantee for the quality of the product. This is to prevent defective goods out of the factory, to give both sides a bad experience! Above is the guangzhou leather factory yao da leather for everyone to sort out some about choosing a brand of men's bags processing factory need to pay attention to five aspects, for reference only, hope you choose men's bags foundries in home, can help!
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