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Guangzhou yao da leather factory talk about leather classification and distinction

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-24
The market mainly includes leather, bonded leather and artificial leather, leather and leather are cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, deer, or some other animals off of the original skin, after the tanneries tanning process, made from a variety of features, strength and handle the leather material, colour, decorative pattern, is a necessary ingredient for the modern leather products. Leather divided into two groups: the first layer of skin and second skin, this is two kinds of leather? How to distinguish? The following guangzhou yao da leather factory will one by one. Head skin is processed directly from the original skin of various animals, or the thicker cortex of animals such as cows, pigs, horses skin after hair removal cut into two layers, the upper part of the fibrous tissue closely is processed into a variety of head skin. Head skin is with a grain of cattle, sheep, pig, etc. , of the leather with natural scar and blood muscle scar, etc. , and occasionally the cuts in the process of machining and low utilization rate of the belly of parts, imported the first layer of skin and the serial number of the cattle. All full grain can distinguish from the thickness and pore density belong to what kind of animal leather. Cowhide sort is more, such as cow leather, grazing cattle leather, leather, cowhide, bull leather, etc. In our country and cow hide, buffalo hide, yak leather and zho leather, etc. Among them, the buffalo hide the pores of the thick and thin; Cow leather is a buffalo hide pore thin and thick. Skin pores are more fine more tight and a bit of a slope, there are mainly two types: sheep skins and goat. Pigskin for hairy a handful of distribution rule is 3 ~ 5 root, so easy to distinguish, general multi-purpose captivity of pigskin, and wild boar, famous South American wild boar, this kind of wild boar is of obvious pig skin pores and grain characteristics of collagen fibers because of its special structure, can be processed into a very soft leather garment leather or gloves, a high value. In addition, the ostrich leather, crocodile skin, short nose crocodile, lizard, snake skin, bullfrog skin, seawater fish skin ( There's a shark skin, cod skin, SLATE cod croaker fishskin, eel skin, pearl skin, etc. ) , fresh water fish skin ( With scales on skin of grass carp, carp fish skin) , the fox wool ( Silver fox skin, blue fox, etc. ) , the Wolf skin, dogskin, rabbit skin is easy to recognize, and cannot be made on the second floor. Second floor leather is second part of the fibrous tissue is loose, chemical material spraying or complex on PVC, PU film. Therefore, to distinguish the first layer of skin and skin effective method, on the second floor is to observe the longitudinal section of skin fiber density. By head skin is thick and thin fiber layer and closely together slightly loose transition layer composed of, with good technology of strength, elasticity and plasticity, etc. 2 are only loose skin layer of fibrous tissue, only after spraying chemical raw materials or polishing can used to make leather products, it keeps its natural elasticity and the characteristics of the technology of plasticity, but strength is poorer, its thickness requirements as well as the head skin. Head skin, or on the second floor leather, with innovative design and careful production, can produce a let a person love bag. Guangzhou yao da leather factory is engaged in the leather industry 22 years, is a powerful ODM team, there are a number of senior designers, research and development strength; According to 22 years of industry experience, be able to provide customers a variety of practical and feasible solutions. Guangzhou leather factory yao da leather respect the customer's design, comprehend power to all sorts of design, requirement, can accurately capture the customer's product style, to meet customer design intent of the leather.
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