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Guangzhou yao da leather factory take you from a historical perspective handbags bags change way

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-25
Abstract: handbags bags from classic to contracted style, no, no, no, ladies heart love. Interesting to say, the rise of handbags bags is evolution has a close connection with clothing. Since the eighteenth century, accompanied by their wavy skirt be replaced by the clothes of cultivate one's morality, ladies would have to look for can load the personal belongings of the bag. Mesh bag and then, the first fish, this kind of beam on the long bag easy to take in hand, to become worthy of the name & quot; Package ACTS the role of & quot; 。 For hundreds of years, fashion accessories like fashion, the trend of rapid change. And handbags handbags position also gradually rise, become an indispensable part of ladies dress, handbags bags based on different culture, the trend of different time, different occasions, a woman's bag act the role ofing has evolved form is endless. In 1929, Hollywood star thermal storage foundation, lipstick cosmetic bags, all kinds of cosmetic bag, such as shell, football, locks, vase and the cage shape bag act the role ofing, emerge one by one. But in the during world war ii, shortages, package ACTS the role of immediately became a luxury, ladies bags are adopted rough canvas material, it also makes the designer to design a series of shopping bags and bike bag. In the twentieth century, women in famous brand and real leather decoration has become a symbol of the identity and powerful. Mid later, the life of people by computer. The rise of laptop, make broad messenger bag, camera bag became the darling of the young people. Late package ACTS the role of the world becomes more diverse, has a minimalist, with Chinese embroidery hot, more application of animal fur, snakeskin, leopard skin, such as crocodile skin, for example, the guangzhou leather factory handbag factory gets great development at that time, guangzhou yao da leather has also fashionable circles warmly support. At the beginning of the 20th century, the real leather act the role ofing, as a representative of the fashion has become a popular items, common exploitation was sweeping Europe & quot; Eastern civilization & quot; The influence of the ethos, package ACTS the role of become strange. But at that time, fashion is only the rich & quot; Patent & quot; 。 Low income and heavy work make working women and fashion, also with package ACTS the role of. Until 20 s, the mass media is becoming more and more developed, fashion is no longer the privilege of society, women from all walks of life to join up. And bag act the role ofing is beginning to show their own characteristics. Shake pearl bag along with the music and sound, and contemporary jazz music played after another beautiful & quot; Concerto & quot; 。 In the 30 s, the spatial development of Hollywood films, they has a huge impact on the popularity of fashion. Bag decorated with the streamlined appearance and good shelving, guileless qualitative, of primitive simplicity and elegance. 40 s full of smoke, package ACTS the role of design the most emphasis on practical, and more pragmatic trend under the influence of military design, over the shoulder bag are all the rage, because that can be used to install gas mask rationing ticket and id card, etc. The most useful. Surrounding by the smoke of the war years, although people to bring huge pain and sufferings, but it has prompted package ACTS the role of the common and simple, a step greatly. The end of the war, the economic recovery gradually in the 50 s, because of the war, after the end of the war, people desire for sex and competition, women dress quickly turned to sex appeal and enchanting. And bag act the role ofing to dress, also is no exception to the sex appeal and enchanting. In the 90 s this avant-garde fashion dominated by young people seems to be a fashionable pronoun, high order list after the top design is no exception is a master who is good at playing stunt descriptions of avant-garde. While & quot; Today is the fashion will become a thing of the past & quot; The trend of the change, has happened & quot; The world is changing fast & quot; Absolutely. Package ACTS the role of also invariably affected by the wind of the tide of rapidly changing, rendering and changeable. In 2017, the arrival of tide restoring ancient ways will continue to prevail, as a new century female whether or not you have thought about you around guangzhou leather factory handbag factory to hundreds of years later can also become the witness of history.
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