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Guangzhou yao da leather factory let your clients beautiful travel package

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-25
Abstract: go shopping if it is sincere love, should not only about the desire to buy clothes shoes bag, we want to MM people more hope to go shopping with social practice to improve their own taste and at the same time show their own taste, beautiful package travel in this discount should be constant time intervals, and one of the nicety of dressing. What are you waiting for come and help your guests to yao da OEM bags leather goods manufacturers to generation of industrial beauty! ! ! ! Yao da recommended 01 printing multi-purpose bag do a graceful girl this not wrong, but don't think of yourself as a specimen, proper density standard smile to anyone, childish alive might be for the flickering blue dress more beautiful and moving, when with a pure and fresh and refined and nifty clever bags should be better. Yao da recommended 02 decals stereo hand bag like to rich immediately immediately have work soon have a new love, no matter the good wish can come true, or the trademark design can let us feel satisfied. Simple and realistic pony with quietly elegant purple is counteracted the shackles of the quadrature in the compasses in everything. Such a beautiful and significant handbags is not only personality in the year of the horse! Yao da recommended 03 printing and the already set bag, if you also like models have a special liking to white, then white shirt white dress, and so goes a vintage handbags. Like in old friends for many years, meet you suddenly have a lot of rink hijinks tao lung discourse, the feeling of intimacy that is not who can replace. Yao da recommended 04 characters printed bags to be also the, like a big bag, a great odds and ends like the phone keys also hold A4 paper such workplace breath square, and then can also wear underpants, choose the most gentle color the most classic line is the most naive of printing, for all to shine at the moment. Yao da recommended 05 college wind one shoulder inclined shoulder bag but in the summer of the most common is still small, probably due to hot weather always let a person breaks all trival, can not go out can't bag to things, and packet and summer clothing is so easy to match. Colour do old style restoring ancient ways, such beautiful bag bag is worthy. Yao da recommended 06 candy color hand carrying a small black and white and has its own magic, can let a person for many years, do not forget to meet even if the number of times I do not feel more tired, but candy color is a rising star, although not as good as black and white base deep joker contracted, but beautiful beautiful posture often let a person feel young for several years, even the bow also won't appear too small. Yao da recommended 07 pure color multi-purpose cow leather bags pack of multi-purpose is nothing new, but most of the time we only see the popularity of portable and single shoulder, so when I met can either single shoulder and double shoulder bag, certainly to see two eyes. Cortical unique flavor let color become less important, dignified and leisure is just one way. Yao da recommended 08 flowers hollow out delicate single shoulder bag is a kind of attitude to life, so to oneself, to dress should too, do a delicate woman enough to become a woman over her lifetime of practice. Fine degree of hollow out flowers should be learned from the lace, so meticulous so graceful and restrained lingering, let a person can't refuse. Yao da recommended 09 candy color amphibious parcel have serious feeling while at work, have the feeling of leisure, work have to admit that so many women's requirements. But no way, who let this is kind of fun a shopping motivation? Design is contracted and so there are many kinds of possible, can stretch to shrink and the diversification of color for your choosing laid the foundation.
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