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Guangzhou yao da leather factory introduction to leather production

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-24
Leather factory, just as its name implies is to produce leather factory, leather factory is how to make a leather bag, such as leather backpack, leather handbags, leather shoulder bags, man briefcase, such as what are the process, and need to use what machine? Guangzhou yao da leather factory will take you into the production workshop, understand the production of leather bag. 1. Cutting/splicing cutting bed according to the sample and production order as shown in the material and the quantity, the mould open with a knife, including before and after picture of the whole leather, circumference of the fabrics, accessories, inner lining and accessories, etc. 2. Mesa l before and after the brush glue/leather wide and lining and accessories before laminating, evenly to cement or white glue spraying in leather base of fabrics and accessories to positive, then drying. L the good glue to stick to each part of the leather goods fit together. L fold the edges are each parts edge fold into the skin, in order to fit again smooth and the whole appearance of the product. 3. Flat wagon will each parts separately after suture for final car line suture, organization as a whole is equivalent to the assembly department of electronics factory. 4. High car is purse stitch, especially a decorative parts of a suture, flat wagon is not completed, need a finer way of stitching. 5. The edge of the oil edges are parts or after joint three-dimensional contour grinding, uniform smooth coating on oil. 6. After cleaning, inspection and packing sewing products need to be short line cutting processing, again counting the production process of point and breakage, packing for shipment after inspection. After six major working procedures, a simple leather bag is roughly finished, every process will be done by a single assembly line work. Guangzhou yew leather factory from 22 years, is composed of three branch factories, has 16 professional production line. In one of the factory and the factory is a professional, high-end leather men's bags, leather bags, leather handbags, leather handbags, leather goods such as OEM/OEM/OEM factory, three factory is a professional high, medium and low-grade leather, PU, PVC, and other small leather goods, leather upholstery OEM/OEM/OEM factory. After 22 years of development, guangzhou yao da leather factory has become a leather OEM/OEM/OEM factory of famous brand. Guangzhou yao da leather factory commitment & other; Do leather attentively, integrity and win-win & throughout; And look forward to cooperation with you.
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