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Guangzhou yao da leather factory head difference between layer and layer cowhide leather and identification techniques

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-26
Abstract: at present on the market the most common three kinds of leather, leather, PU/PVC coating with the second floor leather, artificial leather. Which is the most difficult to identify genuine leather and PU coating layer cowhide, yao da leather factory today to offer you some identification techniques: general leather products materials is head layer and layer cowhide leather, they are all leather. A three layer cowhide due to inferior generally cannot be used to make leather products. So what is the difference between head layer and layer cowhide leather? Generally called head layer cowhide leather industry, the second floor leather for cow leather. Because the second floor leather in the leather on the basis of joined the leather process. Head layer cowhide by fiber layer is thick and thin and closely together slightly loose transition layer composed of, with good technology of strength, elasticity and plasticity, etc. 2 are only loose fibrous tissue layer cowhide, only after spraying chemical raw materials or polishing can used to make leather products, it keeps its natural elasticity and the characteristics of the technology of plasticity. Head is the difference between layer and layer cowhide leather: head layer cowhide fingers upward from the bottom hard roof extends the leather face, can see the wool stoma. General thickness in 1. 2 to 1. 4 mm, if the guest need to have 1. 6 mm thick or more, such as head tree cream skin layer. The general thickness of layer cowhide 1. 68 mm. Head layer cowhide than second floor leather is high quality, high cost. Head layer cowhide is mainly used for leather, senior senior leather bags, leather goods, etc. Second floor leather is used mainly for mobile computer holster, bags and so on. The utilization rate of the second floor and head layer cowhide leather, head layer cowhide easy out flaws, relative more than 2 cowhide leather face of various problems, and on the second floor of cowhide or larger than the head layer cowhide, so the utilization rate of the second floor leather. 1, the first layer cowhide identification technique head layer cowhide: head skin after cut skin segmentation, separated from the surface can see animal fiber tissue, often referred to as & other; Suede & throughout; , suede, according to the types of cattle cattle age size, as well as the thickness of the leather cutting, suede is different, but there must be a suede. 2, second layer cowhide identify skills because it is chemical raw materials spraying, the colour of raw material and the color of the skin itself there will always be a certain color difference, it also identify provides a convenient for us. Careful observation profiles, second floor leather coating that part there will be some small holes, leather will not appear on the scene. We can summarize some identification techniques: look have & other; Suede & throughout; , it is real leather or half leather suede can determine; See section have layered, stratified is second floor skin, no delamination head skin. In addition, some leather section will appear local & other False layered & throughout; , the reason may be polished leather, cowhide causes such as painting, try a shave disappeared with his nails, false stratification is only partial, won't appear the section of the whole pair of shoes are layered, if has obvious stratification that is on the second floor skin, also is not genuine leather.
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