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Guangzhou yao da leather custom factory give you recommend a few let you concave points several bags of shape

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-24
Abstract: two days ago I saw a passage: & other; If one day, the dressing and held a grand live-action sunken modelling is great reward, bound to become a beautiful beautiful scenery line. Unfortunately, according to the garment industry has always been the urine, the odds were against implementation. ” Today we yao da and, of course, no matter how much difference in hierarchy is not easy to fine, only is the choice of AIDS bag is enough. Today we boast is up to you to recommend a few practical and plus a few handbag: 01 one shoulder aslant portable mini pack as the saying goes, people rely on clothes horse saddle, the existence of the more beautiful the more need to bring out the best in each other's foil to highlight value, otherwise it makes no sense. Bag's mission is, does not show hill not roric, at ordinary times when the key is the key to hold up the whole style, fundamental. Mini bag is very popular this year, remember before yao da we write an article about mini package. 02 forest literary contracted bag even daily out of a door, a shopping empty-handed also slightly sloppy, as a woman, then how informal, appearances are necessary to pursue it. After all, delicate and elegant life hook, and elegant is the only beauty will not fade. Yao da leather factory recommended the forest the wind is practical and can improve your elegance and taste, go out shopping. 03 vintage cowhide school backpack chun xia's outing to walk don't need to say much more, can't put into his pocket, and everything at sixes and sevens, of course, the premise is only purse key tissues, such as otherwise how big pockets to hold down. Clearly a backpack can easily solve the things, have to struggle, also want to have small indeed fortunate O ( ∩ _∩ ) O ~ the cowhide institute wind restoring ancient ways backpack can put out the necessary things, or reduction of age. 04 cartoon printed laptop bag Gardner points two kinds, called a childish, shallow one, called naive, yao da must have no woman is willing to think of the former. Keep it simple attributes in the materialistic society is a very not easy thing, need to pay a lot of heart. Thanks to bag need not, all the quality is the most intuitive feelings. 05 cartoon cute two-piece mother-child package believe many MM favorite lash bag, pocket is used to deal with the follow-up the collocation of many problems, how much more convenient and convenient. It's the same style, to switch back and forth without any scruple, a suit of two options think all feel very happy, key adopted so edgy cartoon design, tidal rocks. 06 candy color light shot bead aslant packet pink pink bag always is a favorite of young woman, be permeated with the youth and the romantic aesthetic force, scores can stop. Although looks simple, nothing special, but quite exquisite, unique bead design, is clearly crafts. 0700 Mr Bill of lading shoulder slope across any season shell package without black figure, is chun xia is not exceptional also, although at first glance slightly heavy color, but polished carry bright is another matter, with the reflected light shell package for fashionable seem to have an innate smarts, interpretation right, concave shape yao da want to say something but is spread. How, see these bags plus for concave shape ever move ah, then quickly to yao da leather factory to customize it, waiting for you!
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