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Guangzhou yao da contract comes a lot of beautiful package, welcome to OEM

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-27
Abstract: the men watch, women see package. In this fast-paced society, first impressions of a person is not inherent quality, but external taste, that is to say, the inner need to convey through the external. As a woman, what to wear, what pants, with what kind of shoes, is crucial. Bag need more discreet choice, of course, the package, what are we waiting for? Come and help your customers to OEM! Yao da recommended 01 printed retro hand shoulder slope of b/l package has a package, is a let a person can't refuse the outside. The colorful color, tie-in with elaborate design, the most suitable young woman has a refined, sophisticated life. Mini package design wings, like the elves fell to earth, looking for a beautiful angel. Recommended 02 yao da ling, finalize the design the portable oblique across packets with the advent of the summer solstice, officially arrived in summer, the weather began to heat up, but can't resist candy color temptation is still on. The enthusiasm of the leather soft pink, yellow, with indigo blue and relaxed, three colors are enough to match a pure and fresh and beautiful visual sense. Yao da recommend 3 colours is there anything in particular temperament fashion styling package the already set bag, in my opinion, it is different from don't bag fashion gene, congenital line feels dye-in-the-wood the feeling of give a person a kind of highly effective, the characteristics of the necessities of fashionable woman. After the perfect harmonic of yellow and white, more show female charm. Yao da recommended 04 oil wax leather fashion female bag a beautiful package of external basic condition is different, this is inevitable. At first glance, the leather bags are determines its external texture. Oil wax leather handbags, truly has the connotation is low-key costly option, easy to make the first impression airtight good temperament. Yao da recommended 05 carve patterns or designs on woodwork hollow out fashion female bag, of course, pragmatists woman would prefer to enjoy the beauty of the fine workmanship package. Work one win bags with outstanding design style, carve patterns or designs on woodwork hollow out elements, let a person find everything new and fresh, every fine grain contains the designer's work, carved each one complete flower is worth to cherish. Yao da recommended in Europe and the United States patent leather shell bag patent leather is not a low profile are well known, the characteristics of bright color makes every woman that loves the United States is not very hard. As shell package of fire this year, if before the summer for a, it's not too late, the mature of wine red is suitable in the upcoming golden autumn.
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