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Guangzhou what emphasize backpack backpack factory custom function and practical need to notice

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-23
Backpack is many necessary tide tide boy and girl, as well as the student party, travel the necessary supplies, fashion trends of the backpack is convenient to carry, complete liberation hands, very worth. So a good backpack, want to have what function is more practical, guangzhou backpack factory of ourself to dalai lama. Waterproof backpack, usually put a laptop, files, etc. , so the waterproof function is must have, or sudden heavy rain outside, what's inside the package can't saved, waterproof bag, still perhaps can be in the head when the rain in the rain. Multiple layered good backpack, must be in internal hierarchical design, notebook placed layer, file layer, network layer, and so on, this design can protect the notebook from the other items, knock against, protect file does not fold, etc. , will be easy to arrange, carrying the fetch is more convenient. Back the design of the backpack back structure directly determines the purpose and grade of the backpack. A brand-name computer backpack back structure are complicated, at least more than six pearl cotton or EVA air cushion, and even aluminum frame. General backpack back is a piece of about 3 mm pearl cotton breathable plate, the most simple backpack pocket type beam in addition to the backpack itself materials, there is no any packing material. Guangzhou yao da leather factory in the backpack back design experience, to give users the biggest extent comfort, whether to work or travel, will be your intimate partner.
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