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by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-29
Abstract: we all love wide shoulder straps, some people say that wide shoulder bag popular ancestor is Celine, some people say that wide shoulder bag trend began in the Fendi, designers, in short, streets, always can see many beautiful scenery, wide shoulder straps fashion degree course. Guangzhou leather handbag factory yao da leather as a professional leather goods manufacturers, for all kinds of leather bags, ladies handbags, men's bags, single shoulder bag, backpack, computer bag, familiar with guangzhou bag manufacturers focus today about the wonders of wide shoulder bag. Recently, brilliant flowers, while the good times to go out spring outing. When it comes to go, - definitely not necessities - - Bag, single shoulder bag, handbag, chain bag, backpack, etc. , are shown. Spring day, we enjoy nature, also looking for a bright spot in the crowd, life is the discovery of beauty. Believe that many people are tired of watching full avenue chain bag, back through the chain package must have empathy, chain beauty is beautiful, but thin chain, shoulder pain, at that time a both fashionable and can make you good wide shoulder bag, deserve to go up is perfect! The magical thing about this wide shoulder bag, small package body with wide shoulder straps, the contrast of the combination, not only increase the practicability of straps on the bag, is to let the beautiful sex of shoulder belt is more prominent, add window. At the same time, wide shoulder bag is very easy to tie-in dress, shoes, wide shoulder straps itself has also become a decoration, so get everybody's favorite. Found beauty, pursuit of beauty at the same time, we are focus on the actual bag use and experience, the product itself appearance is on the other hand, tend to internal practicability, function structure, experience, etc. Guangzhou yao da leather co. , LTD. , begin from the product itself, from the Angle of the actual use, optimizing the bag details, brings to the users feel fine, delicate life. Guangzhou leather handbag factory yao da leather factory mainly produces ladies handbags, single shoulder bag, backpack, hand bag, chain bag, zero wallet, men's leather bags, briefcase, computer bags, hand bags, belts, leather gloves, wallet, luggage, etc. , are varied. Yao guangzhou leather handbag manufacturer of leather factory has twenty years of experience in production and processing, for multiple brand OEM, products strictly controls every production, lean production; Flexible production line, concentration, and meet the demand of different types of production, welcome consultation to learn more about leather goods information.
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