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Guangzhou leather handbag factory tell you 6 small tips clean leather handbags

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-29
Handbags as a women's daily necessities, dirt particles, hashing is unavoidable, these problems, don't try so hard, the guangzhou leather handbag factory yao da leather tell you 6 tips, easy solution to your trouble. 1. Yellow and white leather bag, can use a toothbrush with a little neuter cleaner, the whole bag is wiped, sewing parts at this time with an old toothbrush to remove it. 2. Have dirt adhesion, wipe gently with the eraser, finally to colorless leather cream careful with them. 3. Pure white bag can also use 84 disinfectant or diluted bleach treatment, before use, need to test a small scale. Another dark brown series bags can try a banana peel to wipe oh, this bag can be polished, also can become more clean. Oil stains can use detergent to remove or before washing with oxalic acid diluted with toothbrush dab wipe the pollution, and then to normal processing. 4. Refill handwriting removal methods: colored fabrics of gunpowder handwriting, available 95% alcohol, or before cleaning, brush with amway direct at the handwriting, do not touch water, five minutes after the conventional treatment. 5. Glue can be used on the bag white electric oil ( Scouring oil) Remove, white electric oil can go to the chemical goods store to buy. Also can use the wind under test using a small scale removal. 6. After peeling off in the corner of the bag, or worn out, use the same color as the bag with markers on besmear is not too conspicuous. After watching these small tips, guangzhou yao da leather amway is found his leather handbags and save wow, act quickly, conveniently also Shared with the big guy and have a look.
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