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Guangzhou handbag factory how to deal with 'back to south day'

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-29
In recent days, the rain continued to return to work before long leather industry has brought new challenges, back to south day led to a lot of leather goods be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy, guangzhou leather factory is how to deal with? Believe many southern friend when back to south day will find indoor on the mirror, the floor has a layer of mist, open the wardrobe, also find there are some clothes in the wardrobe mildewy, especially in leather leather, leather handbags, even have a circle of mildew. Back to south day has much effect on the leather industry, leather itself is very easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp, piled up in the long run it is easy to mold, and leather processing oil, while oil is not easy to dry, it will be a serious impact on leather factory production progress, a lot of leather factory will by the influence of the back to south day, causing the delay delivery, however yao da leather factory in guangzhou have long made the response back to south day the feasibility of the scheme. A, raw material is put on, will put the leather in sealed, dry warehouse, and the leather stacked one on the shelf, try not to contact with the outside world the humid air, effectively solves the problem of be affected with damp be affected with damp raw materials. Second, the oil edge process, because the south day, oil is not easy to dry, yao da leather factory USES electric drying, greatly improve the oil side hardening speed, which will not affect the delivery. Third, in the packaging process, each individual leather products, will join the dry bag, such as genuine leather handbag, respectively in pockets and zipper bag bag into the dry bag and moistureproof beads, leather bags will not be gone mouldy. Guangzhou leather factory yao da leather factory, as 24 years leather foundry industry leader, has the ability, have the confidence to deal with all kinds of emergency, to fulfill the needs of customers, unluckily and all-round services to provide clients with worry.
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