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Guangzhou belt manufacturers tell you belt how to match

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-08-17

Has always been people will pay attention to wear in different occasions, different occasions also need to wear different clothes to meet with others, this is also respect yourself, respect others, now most of the time, the role of the belt is not only about tied tight trousers head, is more often used in dress collocation, so the belt and clothing collocation are together, also spawned many new match way, become the ornament of garment accessories. The following from guangzhou leather manufacturer to tell you how the belt to match. If is casual clothing such as jeans, etc. , then fasten the pants naturally the first essence, also more or less adornment effect. A long, loose rules not T-shirt + the fine black belt with dye-in-the-wood individual character, can remove bloated feeling. 2, jumpsuits with small belt, if a waist band with slightly drab, with many different colors and textures of belt mixing screw match together. Third, sleeve silk white shirt + mini skirt + belt. Here the collocation of pay attention to the waist belt than ever to increase the width of the 2 ~ 3 cm. Four, design and color is fine silk scarves + zip decorative sleeveless suit + white doves eye vest + edge short pants. Five, the national wind hubble-bubble sleeve clothes + decadent wind cowboy, waist band on the waist wide sealing. The mixed style is very popular now. Hope those can help to you.                                

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