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Guangzhou female bag processing factory production leather to choose what?

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-06-28
Is in the steady development of science and technology, the steady development of science and technology is for a variety of products is have more effect, is now with many kinds of products are made by people more learned, now has the advantage of a variety of products are more, has a variety of products, is to make the face of market is more, the existing more is the advantage of a variety of products, many industries are now in the rapid development, has a variety of products are the face of it is that makes the market is more abundant. First of all, guangzhou female packet processing factory production leather choice generally has two kinds: the first layer of skin and skin on the second floor. Head skin, as the name implies, is the first layer of the skin, has a good elasticity, strength and plasticity technology, the production of high-grade leather handbag with material. Skin on the second floor is divided into two kinds. One is the first layer of leather handbag manufacturing process above the rest of the pieces of leather, after deep processing of synthetic leather. 2 it is not very good quality head skin. Mostly because of surface defects, scratches, difficult to use directly, also need to synthetic processing. Therefore, the first layer of skin is better than second skin. Currently guangzhou female bag processing factory is relatively commonly used animal leather are cattle, sheep, pigs, etc. In addition, as the ostrich, crocodiles, fox, Wolf these rare animals can't synthetic leather on the second floor of skin, and is easy to recognize. Above is the small make up to collect information about the guangzhou female bag processing factory, details on the WWW. yaxiapiju1688. com。
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