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'Guangzhou female bag processing factory' 6 big bags sewing process

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-08-03
Markets are multifaceted in now is better, now is have a variety of products are learned by people, a variety of products, that is to make people's life and work has more different experience, in what is now the technology is also in constant development, the continuous development of science and technology is for the development of industries and has a more active role, is now has a variety of products is being, in which people choose to the advantage of the products are in now is better, a variety of products, then is to make people can have more different choices, with a variety of existing products, also is very be necessary. Female bag is with many consumers pay attention to. Female bag also has a variety of types, because now is in the unceasing development of science and technology, so it is now have many more good female bag company as well as female bag manufacturer exists in multiple places, because the female is regarded by the package, so it is necessary to know more information about female bag, the following will follow guangzhou female packet processing factory to learn more about the package information. 1, flat seam: use the flat car for single layer or multilayer overlapping parts link or sewing decorative thread sewing process, etc. In this handbag factory processing is also more commonly used a process, use is also the most. 2, the outer seam: the handbag process using hand sewing and gao tou2 sewing, the two connected components layer relative to joint the sewing sewing method. 3, seam or buried bag: refers to the process of female bag processing the edge of the two parts fit together face to face turn it over after sew, let a person see the seams of the parts can't see stitch a craft, this also commonly used on garment processing process to the process! 4, bundle of side seam in: refers to the female bag processing will be one of the parts above the edge of the seam after bone attached together with the edge of the other related components for the sewing decorative craft, suitable for software bag or finalize the design the package from structure design and production. 5, bundle of side seam: used for soft leather handbag processing, is refers to the process at the edge of the oil or between two components of the folding, clip a decorative edge of bone, made a kind of adornment of Ming sewing craft process. 6, overlock seam: this is the current guangzhou handbag factory home most of the process.
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