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Teach you a few action to distinguish whether the belt is real leather!

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-08-19

Guangzhou belt manufacturers have to introduce the first point: is that goods are leather quality must be good. The dermis is the habit of people for natural leather for the difference between synthetic leather. And added to the leather by mammals, sort very much, quality is also different, such as cattle and cattle, buffalo leather leather, leather yak leather and zho leather, sheep leather is divided into sheep and goat leather leather. Furthermore leather have different level, generally divided into three layers, domestic technology first mover can be divided into 8 floors, leather handbags generally adopts the first layer leather and split leather, the first layer of leather is not only wear-resistant, but also has good air permeability, and poor fastness of split leather, wear resistance, thus different should choose suitable for leather goods, leather goods cannot be considered quality must be good. Guangzhou belt manufacturers have to introduce the second point: there are many on the market at present the so-called & other; Leather & throughout; Goods, sections of leather and imitation leather be used together to do it, in some obvious and the position of the main leather, and some of the hidden, the location of the secondary with faux fur, and with the low cost of goods, or on the second floor leather layer coated to replace the leather with faux fur, it greatly reduce permeability. Still have a kind of suppression of skin, is the processing of leather, in the above attached a layer of colloidal substances, ACTS as the leather, its section place easy to see mark, the quality is worse. Guangzhou belt manufacturers have to introduce the third point: is that the soft leather. In fact, the difference between the leather and imitation leather are different raw materials, post-processing methods are very similar, the surface effect can be very close and not easy to distinguish, the permeability of leather, strength, aging resistance, and feel better, imitation leather has certain gap, but its flexibility may be better, could lead consumers to occur. Should adopt senses such as vision, touch, smell, see, touch, kneading, smell etc way comprehensive appraisal. That is some introduction about guangzhou belt manufacturer.                        

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