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by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-08-08
In everyone's daily life is to have a variety of existing products, conducted by people in now can understand the product is more, the development of science and technology in the present is become more mature, because this is the case, then the manufacturer and the company in production when the product is a more range and can go to the direction, the product has the advantage of a more, so for people's life and work is more convenient, has a variety of products in time appear in the market is more attention, and these products are recognized by more people, bags products is so so, the type of bag is with a variety of a variety of styles. Bags are in different time is has a different role. Bags with many consumers like the exist, so also need to have a reliable bag manufacturer are there is can, in among the cities is now has a more reliable bags, existing for example is in guangzhou, shenzhen, guangzhou and other cities. Guangzhou bag manufacturer to introduce you to bag curing method is as follows: (1) often wipe perspiration hot days to sweat, touch has certain corrosion effect on the bag. Especially palm touch bags hand-held part is easy to damage the leather. Leather pore can absorb sweat of the human body, high temperature and humidity can make sweat in the organic compounds react with leather, easy generation peculiar smell. How to do? Palms sweating, often with a paper towel, please wipe perspiration. Use hand holding more, try to reduce the time of the hand, especially in outdoor. (2) can't use shoe polish care leather for shoe polish with volatile components, such as leather bags, wallet for soft leather products are not suitable for use; If the volatile components in the shoe polish, leather interior damage leather fat itself, thus make leather gloss drops, and the phenomenon such as cracks, discoloration. So, is not the same as color shoe polish bags (3) can be used to care cautious use cleaner leather accessories used long inevitably there will be a dirt or stains. Generally keep 1 - a month 2 times of nursing; To besmirch, need to professional leather care shop for professional care, so to leather care more effective. (4) careful with camphor ball not to leather goods received cabinets. Many people will not get leather goods received cupboard, plus camphor ball. It isn't a good practice, with volatile constituents of camphor ball used for a long time can make leather is damaged. Usually we receive leather goods only need to pay attention to put the cabinet ventilation, temperature is low, and receive leather accessories, must use cotton dust bag wrapped in it, best package into some moisture absorption of waste paper.
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