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by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-22
Abstract: guangzhou guangzhou yao da leather backpack manufacturer factory to provide clients with genuine leather backpack, PU bags, canvas bags of production and customization service. A few days ago to see a joke: people discuss why the monkeys in the monkey to break off the corn story eventually fall to nothing, because it didn't bring bags. Yao guangzhou backpack manufacturer to see the joke, I thought the monkey is really should take a backpack to ah. Hey hey. Bags, is accessories and tools, necessary for the people. Style of a very wide range of bags, handbags, shoulder bag, inclined shoulder bag, purse, backpack, backpack, hand bags, tote bags, shopping bags, etc. ; In terms of material, there are real leather, PU bag, canvas bag, nylon bag, etc. ; In terms of gender, female bag and men's bags; In terms of functional a briefcase, computer bag, travel bag, etc. ; In terms of style has recreation bag, business bag, evening bag, etc. Of (among) all the bags, one of the most practical function, when the backpack, backpack. Backpack ( 背包) Is back in the shoulder bag. According to different purposes and divided into backpack, computer bag shoulders ( 电脑背包) , sports backpack, 运动背包) , fashionable backpack ( 时尚背包) Backpack, school bag ( 学校的背包) And beam mouth rope bag, backpack, 军事背包) , mountaineering bags, and so on. Depending on the material and canvas bags, Oxford cloth, nylon cloth bag. The main characteristics of backpack is convenient to carry, hands free, light weight, main purpose is to provide the convenience to go out, bearing. Starting from the characteristics and USES of backpack, backpack characteristics of main material is lighter, sweat resistance, waterproof, wear-resisting, etc. , so the PU backpack, canvas bags, nylon fabric backpack than leather bags to common, because the material of backpack common light, durable, while leather backpack effeminacy. Guangzhou guangzhou yao da leather backpack manufacturer factory can produce all kinds of material bags, to provide customers with a backpack, customized processing services, welcome to our factory to negotiate customized backpack, backpack, knapsack OEM, ODM production.
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