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Guangzhou backpack factory tell you leather is used long renovation

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-23
Leather is not maintain, who are old, leather not preview, 9000 as 9. 9. Leather with long, nature will become old, unless the crocodile skin, of course, like a cow leather, sometimes put for a long time need not, can produce mildew spot, the problem such as fold, a lot of friend don't know how to be retrofitted, guangzhou yao da leather factory today to tell you. General nappa leather, the repairing process is: clean & rarr; To membrane & rarr; Repair & rarr; Renovation of complementary color & rarr; Waxing. Have certain effect to every step, essential, and careful operation in place, can appear otherwise rub off, and so on and so forth. The five steps of operation is very simple, even a beginner can under the guidance of technicians to complete: after stained with brush cleaner scrub leather face, then brush wipe membrane, then leather repair cream with a scraper blade coating damage leather, natural dried with fine sand sand, then spraying leather refurbished changing color agent, final daub leather essence milk maintenance waxing. Clean and to film the two step must be thoroughly in place, otherwise easy to rub off late. Please don't grind leather repair cream no dry before. Refurbished complementary color, first in the blind tu face-lifting agent, refurbished agent and leather color to contrast the color similarity. Smooth leather damage or faded generally can be carried out in accordance with the above process leather repairing, as long as you choose to repair materials, not only the operation is simple, and repair effect is very good. According to the group of 24 years of leather leather factory OEM experience, personal advice leather repairing material with good brand, good material repair cream with strong effect of surface cover, closed to reduce the volume, and has good grinding performance, the daub after drying can be together, completely and leather for leather surface scratch, crack, cuts and smoke hole, can quickly fill hot, restore the leather surface smooth level off. Leather gift custom, though may be refurbished, but leather leather goods often need to care, avoid exposure, moisture, etc. , yao was bag factory, is the escort of your leather, trustworthy manufacturer.
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