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Guangzhou - along the way have you stick box luggage bag manufacturer

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-29
For a time, a teacher's resignation caused simplicity, the resignation of reason only ten words: & other; Throughout the world so big, I want to see &; 。 Of course, also some people look forward to a trip for said come away. Every time I travel there will always be a different experience, different meanings. Reading thousands of books, travelling, the ancients tell us the meaning of travel. Guangzhou handbag manufacturer said to travel, there must be a necessary pull rod box, accompany you walk far. The rolling suitcase luggage on market of all kinds, the following will detail the classification of rolling suitcase luggage, convenient more clearly understand and find the right boot. Guangzhou manufacturer of luggage luggage category, such as press material to points can be divided into soft cloth box and hard box, hard box according to material: ABS, PP and ABS + PC and pure PC of these four; Such as by size to points can be divided into 13 pull rod box, 16 inches pull rod box, 18-inch luggage, 20-inch luggage, 22 inch luggage, 24-inch luggage, 26 inch luggage, 28 inch luggage, 30 inch luggage, 32 inch pull rod box. Such as according to the structure to points can be divided into vertical stick luggage suitcase and horizontal type two kinds, vertical rod box can be divided into round and double again. Guangzhou luggage manufacturers suitcase hard box are mostly with high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, waterproof, compression, the characteristics of the mantle material can protect the contents from the extrusion and collision, but defect is within a fixed capacity. Soft box convenient user can use a little more space, and mostly light quality, strong toughness, elegant appearance, more suitable for short trips. Convenient travel, consider transportation, such as boarding box is the dimensions of suitcase three length shall not be greater than the sum of 115 cm, can be directly on trunk to 18 and 20 inches, other sizes need luck. Rolling suitcase luggage the choose and buy of a key, the press of a button, pull the pull rod, take a look at whether accept put freely, smooth, functions in good condition; Walk round wheel rotation is flexible, cooperate to be not tight not loose wheel and axle, low noise and abrasion resistance. The travel bags with good quality compared commonly pay attention to detail, color collocation is appropriate, neat stitches, stitch length uniformity, no thrum exposed, smooth fabric blemish, no bubble, no bare burrs, metal accessories. With the widely application of the suitcase, more and more pay attention to the use of consumers, such as from a single direction to 360 & deg; Free sliding, optimizing products constantly updated, better experience. Guangzhou handbag factory yao da leather factory to focus on leather production, manufacturing attentively, to diversify from a single product structure, from the leather handbag custom to made men's bags, handbags, luggage, etc. , from the physical samples to independent innovation development, yao da always takes seriously do leather, do leather in the world.
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