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Group of senior engineers, sheepskin handbags 123

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-05
Abstract: guangzhou handbag factory ( Guangzhou leather handbag factory) Guangzhou yao da leather can produce all kinds of medium and high-grade sheepskin for clients handbags, sheepskin handbags experience, product quality is reliable, considerate after-sales service, worth customer trust. In genuine leather handbags, sheepskin handbags always occupy their position. Compared with leather handbags, sheepskin bag has its own irreplaceable advantages, was deeply loved by people. Among them, the most representative is ling CHANEL CHANEL suede bags, it is a classic in sheepskin handbags. Sheep mainly divided into goat and sheep skin. The structure of goat skin than sheep leather is a bit strong, tensile strength is better than sheep skin, goat skin surface layer thicker than the sheep skin, so are more hardwearing than sheep skin. And goat grain is the difference between a sheep skin surface is relatively rough, smoothness and sheep skin, feel than sheep leather is a bit poor. Sheep skin pedal is the feature of thin, soft and smooth and delicate, small pore, random distribution, assumes the circular. In sheep skin leather clothing is a kind of skin to compare grade raw material. Sheep skin now processed into embossing, wash, such as printing a lot of different kinds of style. Sheepskin handbags the first sense that gives a person is soft, light, thin, feel great, fine and smooth surface and a texture, good very have feminine taste tender and supple. But it is & other; Delicate & throughout; , it is necessary to master the careful nursing care can well oh, not because the suede leather so wear-resisting and solid, have a bit can damage carelessly, and when nursing method is not correct also damages to the cortex. But if you mastered the maintenance method of sheepskin handbags, it can still long for a long time with you some time. Then you look at guangzhou handbag factory ( Guangzhou leather handbag factory) Guangzhou yao da leather sheepskin bags for you the maintenance method of advice: sheepskin handbags with dirt? Recommend the use of cleaning wipes, if there is no professional cleaning, touch water can also be soft towel to wipe, but must be gentle, don't force oh, more can't use laundry detergent, alcohol to wipe, if to wipe out advice sent to leather care shop processing, because if the force it to wipe it will rub leather performance bad oh. How care can be sheepskin handbags appear smooth and bright surface? Usually leather care stores have special care to squeeze the anointing oil, smooth bright coating on sheepskin handbags look brand-new, and can have on animal skin moisturizing effect, especially in autumn and winter leather will appear dry, white dust under the above should often care oh, such a professional leather care ointment is available. Information about sheepskin handbags, guangzhou handbag factory ( Guangzhou leather handbag factory) Guangzhou yao da leather will be tell you first so. If you have any suede handbags need processing production, guangzhou handbag factory ( Guangzhou leather handbag factory) Guangzhou yao da leather is your best choice.
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