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Food bag some of the common sense of guangzhou leather factory yao da leather factory to conclude

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-01
Abstract: guangzhou leather factory yao da leather factory ( OEM contract/DOM) ( BOMKOO) Guangzhou handbag factory is a 18 years focus on leather OEM OEM & amp; ODM leather products professional manufacturers. The company has been committed to leather products OEM OEM/ODM business. Our main products are men's bags, women bags, handbags, briefcases, purses, belts, wallets, rod box, etc. At the same time also can provide various product customization: handbags customization, men's bags, handbag, belt customization, etc. Today we explain some knowledge of the day-to-day use food bag. Broadly daily use of bag have a paper bag, plastic bags, cloth bags, baskets and small basket. And the most common and most frequently used should be paper compound bag and plastic bag, followed by bag, small basket and the basket in the big city basic out of sight. A most, paper bag paper bag is made of thick kraft paper, white cardboard, grey, white cardboard, white white cardboard and copper cardboard, through the offset printing, die cutting, stick and forming. Material difference makes all kinds of paper bag also have some of their characteristics. Kraft paper, stiffness and toughness, good surface roughness, and with the base, the cost is a little high. Kraft paper bag placed a long time there will be a degumming phenomenon. White cardboard, grey, white cardboard, white white cardboard and copper cardboard surface is exquisite, the characteristics of white. They can through the 4 color printing is very exquisite patterns. To increase the toughness and resistance to water, the handbag will make the surface of the material do laminating processing. The material of bag cost is higher also. Second, according to the materials used in plastic bags, plastic bags can be divided into ordinary plastic bags and biodegradable plastic bags. Bag bag is divided into woven fabric and nonwoven fabric. Can be divided into the plant fiber cloth woven fabric and chemical fibre cloth and blended fabric; Sheets are often also known as non-woven fabric, it is a kind of nonwoven fabric. Non-woven bag is easy to shape and cheap cost. Textile bag with cotton cloth, canvas, twill, Oxford cloth, such as material, due to the price of raw materials is high, so use textile cloth production handbag price is relatively high. Four small basket, baskets and small basket and the basket use bamboo, wood, rattan, nurturing items with sturdy, but the price is expensive, inconvenient to carry, so the production and utilization rate is very low.
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