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- festival prelude, backpack hit - Guangzhou yao da leather leather manufacturer in guangzhou

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-04
Abstract: ten small long vacation come to cough up, friends have in small mood planning where to go for a walk? Guangzhou leather factory guangzhou yao da leather factory friend have cheered up, however once happy light travel is not bound, if the hands are the schedule of some small things necessary to drag on, the play can't enjoy it. So hurry to find a satisfactory backpack to free your hands, give you a sense of security at the same time also won't increase the burden. 1. Guangzhou leather factory guangzhou yao da leather feel, go out to travel bag to look level is not low, take a picture or concave shape what it has become a lost item. The black bag in the middle of the big eyes fascinated me, not only because of strange eyes modelling, more because next eyelash fringe design is very flattering, moments that make two-dimensional east into the reality of the world. 2. Guangzhou guangzhou yao da leather leather manufacturer want to ask next friends, don't know you will not feel this way, if you want to go to a nobody know place to travel, like to dress up in peace. Can is a kind of style, also can be in with little personality item. Strong personality, for example: rivet backpack nailed on the create a mei red sheepskin is rarely, low-key low-key daily used occasionally want to reverse, can try oh. 3. Or who is a mature and rational professional OL, encounter the holiday time to release the pressure back to the little girl's carefree feeling. Outline fruity ling's backpack from inside and outside send out stupid black sweet flavor, and are free to transfer the position of the cartoon small hang adorn, make sprout stupid lovely FUL 1 plus 1 greater than 2. 4. Pay attention to fashion girls will know, now the backpack, besides carrying travel carry it in my hand is also another kind of fashion back method. Although traveling need backpack for hands free, but also your picture there is always a need to put a POSE, right? That takes a ring design bag is waiting for you to carry it. Even if don't carry the bag, let long bracelet as a decoration on the bag also look good, at least on black bag contracted acme became a bright spot. 5. You know carry handbags travel most afraid of is what? Bag is also very heavy weight yet ~ originally travel is a physical strength live, carrying a already heavy bag, can also play happy! But the nylon fabric bag was completely don't have the trouble, only in the details to adorn with head layer cowhide, the addition of this component will not increase the burden, will only improve texture. 6. Also has a group of girls will notice all the bags, then process the unique water sheepskin bag might be able to have the honor to get your favour. Clear cortex texture and soft bright luster are written on the bold rebel and confident, no matter from practical with the style of the hardware fittings or delicate degree terms are impeccable. 7. Children also cannot leave the mother group, with the children holiday come near the city green also is right choice. Looks small mother package actually has a large capacity and reasonable layout, the children always need milk tablets, bottles, and other areas has its own small, wallet, keys, phone place but also can be at ease. Insecure mothers can also consider a larger capacity of the bag. Besides there are still a scientific and reasonable partition design, also with built-in waterproof bag, one thousand children away accidentally wet on clothes, at least can also be stored in a bag. Mother package can one shoulder, shoulder, hand a variety of ways to carry for concave formative conditions are provided for the hot mama. Ok, guangzhou leather factory guangzhou yao da leather introduced so many different types of bags, friends have the get the beauty of the bags? The existence of the bag is not just for the sake of our hands, we also beautify the modelling tool, please don't despise the preparatory work before the holidays in the choice of the bag.
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