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'Female bag processing manufacturer to introduce you to genuine leather and leather how to distinguish between'? manufacturer

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-08-06

Female package since there is more attention, all the female bag handbag industry product is has more types of products have the properties and characteristics of the now is more stand out, female bag products in is now has a more people are in investing, female bag products in different quarter time will have different style of products, bags, can be with so many people like is inseparable from the professional production handbag company and factory, now has a variety of products are needed to process, is the same as the female bag after female bag processing factory and female bag processing company's production is more female bag with integrity. , female bag processing factory is the use of professional technology in the processing of female bag. To distinguish real leather and leather? Although through scent to identify all kinds of leather leather in the machining process integrated by too many procedures, but after make leather products will leave a very strong taste of fur, but the smell is a plastic leather products. Leather and leather how to distinguish the handbag factory and handbag purse processing factory teach you 2, handle way to identify people can touch more when buying leather products under the product, at the same time to the appropriate the leather surface bend that see leather elasticity and creasing evenness. Leather good restorative, creasing of the different parts of the bending produce non-uniform, and artificial leather restorative. Leather wallet and how to distinguish the leather handbag factory Yaoda leather teach you 3, visual discrimination, according to leather quality inspection manager leather leather surface decorative pattern, pore sizes and view its side still can see the animal fiber, blow gently to surface and leather fiber, artificial leather, no pores, or uniform pores, decorative pattern is similar.
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