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Female bag processing factory 'leather maintenance knowledge to know how much'? manufacturer

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-07-19
Can be used by people to is has a variety of products, is now with better technology can production products, with a variety of existing products so that consumers can choose to is has a variety of products, in what is now by people to understand that is has a variety of products, and is now with better technology is operated in the product. People now can be applied to products in is more easy to operate. There is a variety of product face to the market is more present. Female bag is everyone not unfamiliar, and with more customers for female bag is with a variety of understanding, the existence of the female bag is necessary, and female bag type and is has a variety of styles, different occasions in different season can be applied to the female bag type is different. Since it is bought, then know more information about female bag, it is very necessary. Female bag leather is used to maintain article processing factory tell you before, start with a few tests in the bottom of the bag or inside the inconspicuous place, to be sure no problem and then used in the leather goods. Leather careless when produce wrinkles, can use iron set out the wrinkles in temperature and woolen cloth. Hardware maintenance on leather goods, should with dry cloth to wipe after use. Such as micro oxidation, can try to wipe gently with flour or toothpaste male hardware. Paint leather typically require can wipe with a soft cloth. The maintenance of shiny leather, please use a little leather and maintenance for oil stained on the soft cloth, and a little friction force on the leather. Lacklustre leather maintenance, only need to gently dry with cloth at ordinary times, if dirt serious when, can try with similar rubber rubber wiped gently to remove. Leather goods such as produce stains black spots, can try to leather in order to be the same as color with light mop of alcohol. Suede leather must use soft brush to remove dust and dirt on the surface of animals, such as pollution is serious, can try upon their four sides evenly with the eraser gently push away to remove dirt. Need to buy handbag as Yaoda leather to contact!
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