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Female bag processing details which can't be ignored? , female packet processing effect how

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-08-14
The advent of the era of 5 g, explain our economy, our standard of living is constantly improving, from our dress to our products, the quality is getting better now, like garment industry now, handbags industry can know that our physical level also in improving, female bag can choose custom, can also choose to processing, custom-made according to your favorite style, design style, the outsourcing of the image, the size can be customized, as long as it is in your own economic permission. First if is particularly fond of carry bags usually, use frequency is taller, and usually didn't pay attention to maintain good bags, zipper signs for embroidery, cause pull TAB, slowly fall off TAB and the card hole. Later found several similar TAB set bag factory, give to her, and told her bag use for a long time to pay attention to maintenance, such as can daub some lubricating wax, pay attention to rust. Second through these details we can know, female package process need to pay attention to the processing of zipper, TAB is also listed as part of the quality monitoring, the details of each batch of new zipper to handbag factory, has a staff with no less than 20% of the sampling, trial and error, pull head card hole whether the crack is too big, the female packet processing, testing links must always pay attention to, and occasionally met with rubber hammer knock, this is also to ensure the credibility of the manufacturer, been recognized by customers and good on the one hand, the development of factory so female bag processing details problems can't be ignored. Third, female package process need to determine the style of the brand LOGO, the LOGO of the process has a lot of, such as screen printing, thermal printing, embroidery, hardware, clients will locate your LOGO style, simple is printing, screen printing and hot pressing and hardware LOGO is need to open mold, get don't know how to choose, can let a female bag manufacturer sales colleagues introduce each process and the advantages of the LOGO, make comprehensive consideration, a small LOGO on the bag to have the finishing touch effect, is a kind of brand publicity, a kind of enterprise culture and the masses.
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