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Female bag manufacturer should know the bag repair methods ( Will watch) - - - - - - Female bag manufacturers

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-07-11
Different moments can be applied to the product is different, in is now has a variety of products is exists in the market, so people in now can be applied to the product also has a variety of types, in can now progress continuously development also has a variety of products, the advantages of various products in now and get the best, after all, now the technology is in constant development. Multiple industries is the development of the different appearance of market is more, the product has the advantage of a more, so the development of the follow-up of this product is not too bad. Female bag at now is more and more people accepted it. A variety of style of female bag was, in which people choose to have a variety of female bag style that appear in the market, then is to make consumers was conducted in more aspects. Female package is important, then followed female bag manufacturers to learn more about the package information. Female bag manufacturer should know the bag repair methods nursing method: 1, bags and wear can be coated with oil professional nursing bags, until penetration to dry completely, then polish the surface with a clean soft cloth, can reproduce luster. 2, nursing method of surface stain spots: if surface stains can be spotted or detergent to wipe gently with a little warm soapy water, rinse off with clear water again in ventilated place order, if there are some stubborn stains surface, can use soft toothbrush brush wipe carefully, to avoid the surface damage. 3, black light leather cowhide material of female bag care: do not use this kind of fabric bag under high temperature, sunlight, of course, also do not put in under low temperature below 5 c, in order to avoid some kind of female bag surface protective layer fracture, rigid light leather handbag for some high-grade surface regularly don't use light agent such as nursing care, need special care.
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