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Female bag custom is generally sold in what platform more? , handbag market effect how

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-08-14

Female bag industry over the next 10 years of development, customized brand will become the mainstream. Custom will not only is a fashionable way of life, people will also is a traditional industry, the new model of the next round of tuyere, custom pattern C2F ( F2C) Supply and demand structure and the change will be the industry mainstream business model of retail formats. Bag industry in China after more than 20 years of development, from the perspective of supply and demand structure, already formed the glut of supply and demand structure, and is a serious supply exceeds demand, so many other industries, such as in 2010 it was reported that the backlog of domestic clothing accessories inventory, if not add a new goods can meet the demand of Chinese market 10 years of purchase. Severe overstock situation for bag industry, since the start of the financial crisis in 2008, mainly appeared the following obvious situation in the industry. One, a substantial reduction in production factory, package industry workers, a large number of career, lead to the bag factory high-end, midrange and low-end between structure changes. Industry of the great amount of inventory backlog, manufacturers, brands, distributors, terminal shop, every node in the whole chain, such as electricity company's inventory is huge. Backlog with the highest proportion of middle and low class goods. Second, dramatically reducing line terminal shops, channel brand death proportion continue to enlarge. Such situation is not so much electricity shock caused the entity shops have closed down, as industry supply and send a result of new retail formats. Bags brand electrical goods from boom to the ebb and flow, update the iteration. Pure electric goods brand bags in the industry mostly in B2C platform for sales channels, such as tao brand is a typical professional on taobao Tmall business brand. The rise of pure electric goods brand, changed the industry supply chain and operation efficiency of the production process, the entire network to form the pattern of online selling bags is cheap. Three, at the same time will also supply and demand in the industry, once again, also increases the inventory level of the industry - again -No large inventory of traditional electric goods do not, the greater the inventory of the brand to die faster. Four, equipment manufacturing industry, retail end, supply chain end, after years of transformation, the Internet has a large number of enterprises have the basic capabilities of the Internet +. In the formation process of this ability, but also the overall industry supply and demand structure in the process of improvement. But I think, it can not fundamentally solve has structural imbalance of supply and demand relationship. Years of accumulated produce supply demand greater than supply, every day and every day there are large quantities of quantities to sell at a loss sale, so it is also unable to change the format.
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