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Fashion handbag manufacturers need to detect - before delivery

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-06-20
I think there is nothing wrong with this sentence is the cure-all, for women, we have a nice bag is a how is worth happy things, but if once we buy quality is bad bags will be very angry, so today we talk about the fashion female bag manufacturer for bag is in the factory for the need to pass what test? 1, the bag factory wholesale introduction load testing. The ability of a package, absorb a certain amount of weight without bad is a must. The good news is that used for the load test is simple, do not need special equipment, it is also a simple case standard tests. Load testing is to deal with package, generally applicable to a solid package, usually carry over big load rating label printing. 2, impact test. Bags used often need to withstand sudden force, for example, if you go up a brick, make sure you suddenly pull handle, not bad. Think of this, a test, impact test is an important tend to strictly carry out inspection personnel. 3, fatigue test. A handle for package is very important, its part of the pack in the transport process is the purpose of the right things, through fatigue test is to check the package of the durability of the fasteners. 4, abuse test. Abuse test mainly for belt and shoulder bag, such as notebook computer store. This test the tensile strength and direct force when the belt buckle can withstand pull quantity, abuse test package and laptop computers with a single belt is particularly important, because of the weight distribution is less than 2. 5, fashion handbag factory introduction to drop test. For bag some of the test was used to simulate the experience of traveling to the rough handling, the luggage will often bring back and forth in the airport and hotel, its product drop test is an important test, is to ensure that your baggage is not damaged or damaged in transit. More than 5 points is small make up to summarize our fashion handbag factory bags need to do inspection before they go out, everyone is can be at ease completely for quality
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