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by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-08-08
Fashion has always been attracting the attention of more and be more focus on these aspects of businesses and consumers, fashion are in different time is not the same, summer is the summer can reflect the way of fashion, so in winter also have reflect fashionable way, fashion is a eternal topic, also is the product around the theme, people can now be selected to as having many kinds of products, and now is a relatively good manufacturers and companies in not only emerges, fashionable female bag is everyone not unfamiliar products, consumers are very fashionable female bag have more, and also is a person is more focused on fashion female package products, because can be chosen by people is has a variety of fashionable ladies' bag, also need to have a reliable fashion handbag manufacturer or a fashion handbag company. Have you ever been to expensive leather handbags appear small crack, burnish the waning, fade out and killed it, such as the following fashion handbag factory, we can bring you some make the leather handbags longer way to accompany you around. 1, genuine leather handbags should be regularly sent to professional leather maintains a thorough cleaning and disinfection in the shop. Professional equipment in the process of cleaning leather handbags, will add to mildew, antiseptic agents, to all sorts of bacteria, mould to wipe out. 2, leather handbags, to meet the rain be affected with damp be affected with damp or mildew, can use soft dry cloth to wipe the stain or mildew. But don't use water and gasoline inunction, because it makes the leather harden and gasoline can make the real leather oil volatilization and desiccation. 3, leather handbags need not when, best can hang up; Avoid being something else when flat press flat corrugate, affect beautiful. 4, leather handbags must be completely clean and then keep it to maintain its original, extend the service life of wearing has important role. Leather handbags in front of the collection to the Yin dare drying in the dry place. To make the leather handbags in a long time keep the colour and lustre is beautiful, in front of the collection in the layer of the tu yi on leather milk or glycerin, long stored so you can not change color. 5, should be carefully protect all metal parts and zipper, avoid the oxidation of hardware accessories.
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