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Fashion handbag factory: 'to do a bag which step to begin? ”- Fashion handbag factory

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-06-19
There are a lot of people don't know how a bag is made of, want to know how to come, but don't know where to understand. Yaoda leather as a fashion handbag manufacturer, to introduce what is the first step to making bags under, let everybody understand the bags under the production process. The handbag is out of order: first the nominative ( Also called standard) The second case (after, A's deputy) What is a nominative, can decide the shape of the other paper, or the size of the paper called the nominative. What is the second case, itself the shape or size depends on the other paper, paper. A few times, merger, or shape, or length, and the shape of the nominative or size, has the certain relations. Generally handbags, picture is nominative, surround is the second case; After the picture is the front of the nominative; Bag picture is before the bag around the nominative; Side pockets are side pockets around the nominative. So, generally the handbag out of order is: after the picture, front, big body bottom scarf zipper, bag picture, before the bag, scarf, side bags picture, side pockets. The paper is the first step to make a bag, bag do like the shape of the model depends on the layout of the paper. A good sample package, you must have a good paper. Paper ready. The shape of this bag is ready. Do the package to finalize the design, shape is very not good decision factor a bag. Above is the information related to some of the fashion handbag factory, details on the WWW. yaxiapiju1688. com。
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