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Fashion handbag factory share solutions - some canvas bag rub off Fashion handbag factory

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-06-19
Fashion handbag factory share some canvas bag rub off the solution of a lot of the background is white canvas bag, there is a lot of colour of the design, so if you don't pay attention to the cleaning, it is easy to cause rub off the situation, in order to have a perfect package, we need to understand some of the ways to solve, it can prolong the use of time. Canvas bag rub off: 1, the canvas bag manufacturer wholesale manufacturers introduce canvas when washing can have different degrees of bleaching, washing when the fish in clean water to add some salt, then package in about 30 minutes, fade reduce a lot. 2, the first few times washing due to the floating color has not removed, so faded look more serious, this is inevitable, as the time and washing times increase slowly it won't be so serious! 3, it is recommended to use neutral or alkaline detergent washing, must be the regular brand, please do not use containing bleach or fluorescent catharsis things, if not has the stubborn stains such as oil, please reduce the dosage of catharsis things as much as possible. 4, please must be washed by hand in cold water, avoid dehydration and exposure, placed in ventilated place order. Metal parts in dry if touch water please as soon as possible, prevent rust. Advice to canvas bag inside out to dry after washing, just like hanging clothes, can reduce the degree of fade. Canvas bag manufacturer wholesale manufacturers introduce clean canvas bag, it is better to wash in cold water, hot water easily burnt it, try to hand wash, do not use machine wash. Canvas bag is cotton fabric, so do not use detergent containing bleaching ingredients, also had better not use contains the fluorescence, otherwise the package will fade, become very ugly.
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