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Fashion handbag factory parsing a few relatively common problems - for you Fashion handbag factory

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-06-20
Many sisters for leather bags have no experience of choose and buy, also don't know how to choose suitable for their own brand leather handbag, a feeling choose a probably actually feel in real life is often wrong, in this small make up after years of relevant work have experience greatly, the choose and buy of blind tend to put aside because of the inappropriate or buy again in the second paragraph. Spend money on purchasing experience this package situation among younger sister very much, although small make up several times in the global bags online sharing all kinds of leather handbag considerations of choose and buy, but in order to facilitate the sisters is more convenient to do your homework, fashion handbag factory to finish the following questions for your reference. The sisters of the common problems and dreams yao answered, though short, but are also said to the fundamental things, in addition, every problem has a luggage online discussed in the whole world, you can find online, so I want to learn more knowledge of leather handbag to buy, can pay more attention to the global bag net oh. 1, what are the way to identify whether it is genuine leather? Touch: touch the leather surface, if it feels soft and plump and full of luster is genuine leather, PU, PVC surface commonly hair acerbity, rigid look: there is a clear pore, case grain leather surface, cow leather with uniform pores, yak skin has the thick and thin pores to smell: leather material has a faint smell of leather, and leather have more pungent smell of plastic pick: dig with nails, if recovery soon and no traces are genuine leather, the opposite is artificial leather, head skin and skin on the second floor 2 what is the difference? Head skin is an animal first yuan, has the very good elasticity, strength and technological advantages, such as plasticity, is the material of choice for high-grade leather handbag brand; On the second floor leather and can be divided into two kinds, the first kind is to use the rest of the first layer of leather scrap leather, again after deep processing of artificial synthetic leather; The second is the head of the poor quality skin, because the leather face too many flaws, scratches, not directly use, also after artificial synthesis of poor quality of the leather. From this sense, the head skin should be better than second skin. Now more common around us are cattle, sheep, pigs and other animals leather, ostrich skin, other crocodile skin, fox, Wolf skin more easily identify, and cannot be made on the second floor. However, because of the high head skin cost, strong plasticity not PU and composite leather, so now it is PU leather handbag market and composite layer skin accounts for larger, stronger price also. 3, how to choose leather handbag? The first point is to look at the work, do manual work is to look at the details, bag wants to coordinate, color and package surface condition should be fine, at the same time to check whether there is stitching straps, crack, etc. , details see if straps sturdy and durable, and so on the second point is to look at the style: selection of leather handbag brand this last point is, of course, choose suitable for their own style. Bags will be used to appear in what situations? Bag color and dress? Bag style novel strong enough? We need to chew through all these. 4, summer leather handbag of choose and buy needs to pay attention to? The first: simple and beautiful appearance? Beauty girl will choose a suit the eye-catching cool in summer, and leather handbags biggest role is to foil, never stole the limelight, and so the leather handbag is simple and beautiful, reiki flap is particularly important. Summer leather handbag first gist of choose and buy: don't be too complicated. The second: accessories for perfection? Reinforce the shoulder strap? Bag the bearing capacity of up to standard? These are the bags practical important index. In addition, the shoulder straps are comfortable, regardless of the shoulder or laptop, also convenient, and so on? Must be carefully considered. Third: various functions? Mobile phone bags, zipper bag, envelope to complete? All girls all kinds of daily belongings can & other A dozen do & throughout; 吗? These practical function but be short of one cannot.
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