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Fashion female package processing manufacturer to introduce you to the choose and buy should have three essentials - bag Fashion female package processing factory

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-06-22
As people living standard unceasing enhancement, so now in the market of the product is more integrity, different products for our daily life and work is all has a different effect, and different products for different moments is the clubhouse, bags we all have, should be more than one, and the bag bag has a variety of species is, at different times using different occasions need to bag would be different, and different in different season different functions, we often can be applied to the bag, bag can be divided into the purse, cloth, leather bags, etc. And everyone's taste is different, so the factory and the production company is bag is different, and now in front of our eyes of product has a variety of styles. Because the bag is a product of attention by more people and so on is now has a relatively good fashion female package processing factory. The trick: a selection should pay attention to details general relatively good manufacturer to produce bags, the eye of a needle and cables are neatly exquisite, clipping is also very in place, surface and the interlayer don't usually have unstitched loophole, straps connecting the outside also will be more strong; Metal accessories will be provided by the merchant is relatively high, including zippers and buttons are not easy to fade, the shake handshandle of many high-end handbags will zipper with a special condom wrapped up, will not make it easily exposed to air. Tip 2: see the leather and materials in the industry, said in the differential bag material, finger presses are available, and generally common natural leather, under the pressure of his thumb will appear fine lines, level, the better, the leather elasticity and the full extent. Such as common goat pattern appears wavy arrangement, coarse and fine; Cow leather grain fine and close, the pores are arranged irregular dot; Pig skin is relatively rough surface, decorative pattern is usually a group three pore distribution, can be hard to soft. If is a natural leather, in the process of press does not appear above. Tip 3: according to the height of players bag though currently wide large handbag is popular, but also how to choose according to height, if the bag is too big or too small, could backfire, have the opposite effect.
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