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'Fashion female package customized' seven steps is how to?

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-07-31
Product advantage in is better now, now is have a variety of products is conducted by people choose the product when operating up to now is more simple, in the development of a variety of products are now more can, because is has a variety of products, so is that it can avoid many problems, because it is also has a variety of products was applied to the people, it's is to create a more convenient for people, now science and technology is also in constant development of science and technology, so in now is you have more products in the production is more aspects can go to the production of the product. 1, female bag design and materials design. Design is the key to the leather handbag factory production, style design and leather, accessories, and other basic determine the appearance of female bag weigh options. 2, the preparing work before production. Leather handbag factory production must be ready before the main leather, the secondary material and sewing thread, etc. , and produce a small sample of ladies' bag, the sample bag is conducive to timely for the mass production of female bag for details. 3, clipping. Cutting involves complicated steps, is the main material in the leather, and other materials of typesetting, cross and then cut into certain shape, and complete row materials, accessories, and other suit cut, cut, check sheets, mark, etc. 4, sewing process. Sewing production is also a important link in the process of production, the technology demand is higher, according to the different styles have different requirements. 5, add other process. Due to the beauty of the female, most of the female bag also need other decoration process, such as local printing, hot drilling, small area such as embroidery. 6, quality control system. Quality control purpose is to make the life of the package quality in the whole process is under control, it is based on manufacturing and they actually produce the quality problem of the formulation of corresponding quality inspection standards and institutions. It is very necessary for leather handbag factory of a job. 7, the production processing: post-processing is made, the last procedure including female bag packaging, storage and distribution of concentrated loading transport. More than 7 working procedure is handbag manufacturer in fashion female package customization applied to, one ring by ring of the female bag manufacturing. If something wrong happens to one of the ring, that may need to rework, not only a waste of time, may also delay the time of delivery, to the fame and money manufacturer caused great losses, so for female bag factory pass of working procedure is very important.
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