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Fashion female package customized quality how to judge? , fashionable female bag order to how to choose the manufacturer

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-08-11
Handbags is almost every woman without a match, especially at the time of go out shopping, clothes and so on the choice of bags will be good collocation, improve the qualities of a little skill, of course these bags can also plant a lot of things yo, such as cosmetics, such as water, or a small mirror, or water, also can put some food, such as candy, paper towel is absolutely a lot, such as you see, the role of the bag is so obvious, so handbags for girls is very important, about fashion female package order, quality problem how to judge? Cortical soft: since it is the leather handbag, its softness is not doubt, will have good flexibility, even if any fold, is no problem, can quickly restored to its original shape. It is recommended that you choose, might as well be folded in half a few times, to see if it has a crease. The smell and feel should be fine, there is a kind of skin natural taste, but not pungent smell. Also can see cortex texture, more clear. Work: high quality leather bag work naturally to consummate, car line suture to strong, thus reducing the risk of break line, line. Shoddy workmanship is simple, rough, sewing thread is more casual, easy to crack. Some will easily scattered cloth used in polyester, if you are not careful has been the key cut to the inside of the cloth will be broken. Hardware: bag hardware is easy to rust? In fact, a good quality leather bags for special processing, has good oxidation resistance, not easy to rust, fracture characteristics. When choose the general hardware, looking at more luster, after used for a period of time, will appear rub off, also don't look good. Portable: female bag generally there are three kinds of method, if installed what is more, braces is easy to break. In high quality leather bags, will add a layer of cotton tape at the bottom of the handle, and the outer layer of cowhide has the same width, so that its bearing capacity is stronger also. And poor quality will use paper in the middle, will break easily, use life is greatly reduced. : at the bottom of the bottom is often ignored by many people, after looking at the top of the bag, buy it immediately. In the later use, the problem will appear continually. Quality bags with leather sewing first, at the same time, it will be implanted with strong glue board, the whole effect is stable, so soft inside just outside the bag, have a reliable quality. Inside: although package is not as a standard of choosing leather bags, but if you have multiple layers, to put items, classified respectively. In we take things more, also won't have to seek in wild inside, isn't it much faster.
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