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'Fashion female bag processing factory' is introduced - for you - - - - - - With common sense - custom bags commonly used Fashion female package processing factory

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-08-02
In is now has a more product can supply the choice of people, which occurred in what is now the product is more with integrity, at the moment of a variety of people in choosing a product is to be able to have their own considerations, at more of time, good product is more easy to be chosen by people, and now products are from all walks of life to have a better development, so in what is now the competitiveness of the industry is not small, production companies and manufacturers of the products is need to create a better product to is possible, and to improve the existing problems in the product is allowed, otherwise will be eliminated by the market, female bag is more attention from before the beginning of, female bag is with a variety of types in a variety of style, it is a nice fashion female package processing factory in the production and sales of various types of female bag. “ Fashion female package processing manufacturer & throughout; Introduction - for you - - - - - - Custom bags commonly used buckle with common sense 1, button plug plugging material generally for POM, PP with NY. Button inserted by the male and female, with ribbon fixed at one end, on the other side can be through the ribbon adjustment, according to the different needs and select the length of the ribbon, commonly used in the shoulder, waist, fixed. Can also be used in the female's face on craft authorized design color sign or LOGO, also can choose plating, silk screen, coloured drawing or pattern. Depending on the handle also can undertake polishing, spray rubber oil and so on. Intensity normally used in the leisure backpack 25 mm plug buckle can bear the weight of 40 - 50 kg, buckle can reach 80 - of course good 90 kilograms. Button 2, day day materials for POM, PP, NY commonly. Days in general, the buckle used in backpack straps, shoulder belt bag, used to adjust the length of ribbon, in order to prevent slippery, many days buckle in the middle of the cross bar design have stripes, has placed two bar next to expand their own logo, mostly similar in shape. 3. Button ladder ladder materials generally for PP, POM, NY. The role of the ladder buckle is contraction ribbon, general use, at the end of the shoulder straps adjust the close degree of backpack. Ladder buckle on modelling and function design, classic, duraflex duckbill ladder clasp is immortal. 4, rope buckle rope buckle material for PP, NY, POM commonly. Use of the elasticity of the spring coil, dislocation stuck the rope, rope mouth optional diameter size, single and double hole, and the application of OO rope, nylon rope, elastic rope. And we can design according to the requirements of LOGO, the design of rope buckle has big different from before, a wide range of metal materials. 5, hook, hook, material generally come from PP, NY, POM. The side of the hook, generally used in single shoulder bag, side connects the d ring, on the other side of the ribbon connection. Now has joined many alloying elements, let the hook, the strength of the larger. Read the above information you have for more female bag some new understanding, is a fashion female package processing factory in after sure will build the different types and different perceptions of female bag for consumer choice, if you there is a need to buy handbag, can know about our products, our product is with a variety of styles, you can choose where appropriate and like our female bag, welcome you to understand.
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