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'Fashion female bag processing factory' chain bag rub off the solution you should know! - - - - - - Fashion female package processing factory

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-08-03
In order to satisfy the demands of consumers and fashion, fashion female bag processing manufacturers often choose metal chain as straps or portable belt, handbag agent problems, when consumers rusty chain after-sales problems, how to do answer, fashionable female bag processing factory operating personnel tell you. Fashion female package processing factory operator said, as long as the good maintenance, hardware accessories won't rub off. Bag chain appear rust rub off is often because plating a thin layer of protective film has been destroyed, and then come into contact with the damp environment, so it is easy to rust, but with three elements can be consumers of handbags and bright as new. 1. Cotton fiber with 2% oxalic acid solution to clean try remove the oxide layer on the surface of the female bag, and then use clean water, and paper towels or absorbent cloth blot. 2. If female bag chain appear rust stains Chen stains, available 10% oxalic acid and lemonade and strong brine, until, paper towel or absorbent cloth. 3. If the rust stains out handbag is relatively serious, may also use a knife to gently scrape, coated with oil refers to early order. Above is fashion female package processing manufacturer to introduce you to some of the ways that can make the chain of the female bag can get better, hope you can help to you.
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