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Fashion female bag be custom-made maintenance process is what? , fashionable female bag order effect how

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-08-11
Fashionable ladies' bag, the raw material warehouse in storage in a variety of materials, the production plan to use the material in order to workshop, and put a very well organized; Comprehensive, advanced equipment are put in place, there is a clear identity, operation guidance, maintenance guide and records; Workshop spacious, good ventilation, air flow, the light is enough; Floor, window, workbench, clean and bright. Along with economic development, scientific and technological progress, the computer is more and more popular, how little portable large capacity shoulders laptop bag? Material diversification, leather, canvas, polyester, cotton and linen texture, such as laptop bag leads the fashion trend! Business backpack, contracted and not simple, restore ancient ways and fashion, the trend of the new attitude! As people living standard rise, more and more consumers to buy some big brands of high-end men's bags, on the one hand is to show their social status and grade, on the other hand, also brought another worry, is the problem of high-end men's bags maintenance, otherwise not hesitate heavy gold to buy back the bag will soon & other; Scrap & throughout; How to maintain? In general, just bought high-grade leather bag, you should use a clean hand friction bags, with appropriate temperature and grease, slowly rubbing gently with the hand, can make the small wrinkles disappear even small scars. In addition, normal use, maintenance of oil at any time, in order to extend the use fixed number of year. As for the use of maintenance of oil, can use general leather maintains fluid ( Have sold commercially) , but note that because of the cortex is different, use it's best to ask the cortex, again to maintain fluid daub is on the bottom of the bag or inside of the place that is not pleasing to the eye, to test whether it can apply. Is the best cleaning maintenance method, normal skin to remove dirt, with a special clean oil, remove dirt, wrinkles. Secondly, put the bag with special oil on the cloth, lightly on the bag, and then the cloth hard friction on the bag, but do not besmear too much cleaner, lest make bag clothes fade or pollution. Smooth leather is to show the original flavor, had better use its special ointment, one thousand unfortunately with dirt, can use a wet towel carefully removed. Suede is deerskin, fur, etc. , it is best to use soft brush to remove animals, avoid using metal wool. Of this type of leather bag is usually pinches of juice spread easily and not easy to remove, so stay away from including with incidental things such as chewing gum or candy. In this type of leather, must wipe gently, in case the bag white too hard, leave a mark. Paint because it is easy to produce cracks, so need to be especially careful to use, usually as long as it is ok to use the soft cloth like a handkerchief to wipe. If shell cracking, cloth stained with a special grease, then gently wipe. Get it after maintenance, also want to learn how to collect, to & other; Stability & throughout; 。
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