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Failure of summer and damp, guangzhou leather handbag factory workers factory after 51 wrapped up his coat

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-08
51 hours every time change, just feel summer, long, short sleeves and body to a cool summer, but is located in China's southern coast of guangdong, in recent days rainy season, 51, guangzhou belt factory yao da leather factory staff are wrapped in the coat, said summer failure. On May 5, is the summer solstice, in guangzhou, in usual tomb-sweeping day temperatures to rise, now look at yao da handbag contract staff each wrapped in a coat, I began to suspect that this is in guangdong. In addition, continuous rain for a long period of time, guangzhou yao da leather factory has many staff said laundry to do, even rotten away, still have to wash it again; Otherwise most of the complaints draperies lay up damp feeling serious; A leather handbag sample master said: he has opened the mouth of the edible salt, due to open in the bedroom, and now you could pour water on the packaging; Office about wet, many agent said A4 paper printed out, in less than 10 minutes to the touch feeling soft and moisture, humidity can be seen! Drizzly leather men's bags factory staff not only to guangzhou life bring inconvenience, at work, to some extent, also affect our work progress, such as yao da leather handbag OEM factory in guangzhou oil side of the room, leather customized product oil edge due to weather conditions, dry slowly, so we staff to open the vertical fan, plus drying machines, nothing because of the weather effects, the arrival of the goods; In the warehouse, due to the humid weather, we have prepared more than N shelves used to reserve the material, the delivery of the product, package inside the suitcase is dry, and we will put on the card board, and add a layer of cardboard card board, in order to ensure the quality of products won't because of the influence of be affected with damp be affected with damp. Moisture will impact on the human body, guangzhou yew reach derma leather bag factory small make up to tell you a few small coup: remove the tide one is to wash the mop bucket to join around 50 degrees of hot water, and then to add some salt, soaked in hot water will mop, twist dry as much as possible, pull the floor clean. The magnesium chloride and calcium chloride in the salt is very absorbing water, very useful. Two is a cloth bag for some quick lime, scattered in the corners of the indoor, can effectively help remove the moisture in the air. 3 it is to remember to often open a window ventilated, or you can use to achieve dehumidification purposes, such as electric fans, air conditioning or buy desiccant is also a good choice.
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