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Dry goods from guangzhou leather factory - — The color paper

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-17
Leather world colorful, leather order in each component has a different color, such as leather color, stitching colour, oil colour, metal color, fabric color, stick a card in the color and so on. Guangzhou yao da leather factory today to describe leather match colors. Good leather OEM, how to do? In the absence of customer requirement, is each proofing master need to ponder the questions very carefully, because want to consider the satisfaction of customers, not only to consider whether the leather match colors so beautiful, but also consider the market trend. Leather match colors, guangzhou bag factory yao master that is first-class, 24 years experience in leather proofing, points minutes to consider color matching, color scheme to achieve optimum bags of OEM. 1. The same color collocation. This is one of the most simple and most basic color matching method. The same color hue refers to a series of the same or similar, produced by the brightness change and shading different shades of color. The same color collocation can achieve the effect of dignified, calm and steady, apply to the mature female temperament elegant. But must pay attention to the same color collocation, color and color brightness difference between to appropriate, difference is too small, too close to the color easy to confuse each other, the lack of administrative levels; Contrast difference is too big, too intense tonal easy to split the whole. Best when the same color collocation of deep and shallow, three levels of change, less than three levels of collocation is more monotonous, while level caused by too much red tape, rambling effect. 2. Similar color leather match colors. Similar color as the color wheel adjacent colour within about 90 degrees. Such as red and orange, orange and yellow green, yellow, green, and green, green and blue color are similar. Change is more similar color leather collocation, and still can obtain the integral effect of the harmonious and unified, is quite popular with women. 3. The mass-tone attune leather match colors. This kind of match colors can be used in a variety of contrasting colors, but want to make sure a play a leading role of the main color. Main color should be consistent with the leather and the tone, the main color should be accounted for large proportion in the whole bag of area or a more important position. The choice of complementary color will conform to the overall tone of the dress. Choose the leather color tips: one is based on a color background colour, deserve to go up again close to the color of different shades. Second, on the basis of a kind of color, add a little contrast is tonal, also can give a person the sense with quietly elegant and generous contrast color. From the perspective of female bag OEM design, colour collocation is good or bad, will show one of the best leather handbags, ability in appreciation of our appearance, in addition to mirror the moment, most of the time to appreciate the evaluation by others, therefore, give up personal subjective preferences, in an objective standard to determine the collocation of color, is the guangdong leather manufacturers in leather contract first gist. Guangzhou yao da leather factory always, keep improving.
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