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Dry goods from guangzhou leather factory - — Oil edge article

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-17
Interlaced, such as the hills, the oil side this term for people outside of leather industry, most people don't understand, in fact, oil is equivalent to paint, colorful, to stroke to customize leather, then in guangzhou yew oil to the dalai lama about leather bag manufacturer. First, the oil is not only a kind of color. We will according to different leather factory leather, modulation of different color of oil, or deep or shallow, or bright or light. Like leather men's bags, leather bags, leather belt, custom-made card package, there will be the edge of the oil demand. At the same time, also because of the color of product is different, and the modulation of different oil edge. Second, the oil edge. Brush is not directly on a layer of good, different requirements for custom products, oil on one layer or layers of edge, the beautiful sex of integral control products. In leather factory, the product of conventional brush is two layers, brush on a layer of dry, brush again on a layer. Thirdly, the oil side also has a glossy, matte, in the light, specular highlights. Fourth, the oil boundary is hierarchical. There will be 10 to 200 different unit price per kilogram. Its main oil from different characteristics, suitable for different leather, it will be different because of price. Guangzhou leather factory yao da leather oil side attaches great importance to technology, can not have trachoma, sparkling wait for a phenomenon, to ensure the oil edge smooth, strives for perfection the spirit of craftsman in yao is always adhere to the line.
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