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Dress collocation skill - Guangzhou leather factory yao da leather factory to help you

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-09-17
Abstract: 1. White bag & ndash; — Clear, peace, purity, can match the color of the clothes & ndash; — Can match all 2. The grey bag & ndash; — Mature neutral colors can be 3 matchs with any color. Coffee and beige bag & ndash; — Mature, sophisticated, quiet, Cold, warm) Can match the color of clothes & ndash; — The base color ( Black, white, grey, blue) 4. Blue bag & ndash; — Deep + mysterious quiet, relaxed, sensible, deep can match the color of the clothes & ndash; — Basic color white and black ( Bag, shoe) 5. Deep shallow blue bag & ndash; — Yellow, red, 6. Red bag & ndash; — Warm and romantic, sexy, can match the color of the clothes & ndash; — Black, white, yellow, blue, green, 7. Green bag & ndash; — Nature color, cool and refreshing, can match the color of the clothes, the most appropriate is black, white and the deep shallow green, also can and close to yellow, complementary red ( Had better not pure color) 。 8. Pink bag & ndash; The unique female color can match the color of the clothes & ndash; White, black, dark pink & ndash; Rose 9. Purple bags & ndash; — Noble and elegant color, women love, it's hard to match the color of the color can match clothes & ndash; — The same as color different shades of purple; Black, white, yellow, gray, 10. Orange bag & ndash; — Passionate and vibrant colors can match the color of the clothes & ndash; — Assorted between orange, and yellow; With basic color, white, black, green, all kinds of blueprint in clothing
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