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Different material of two kinds of lady handbags maintenance method of is what?

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-07-30
Nowadays, along with the development in The Times, some of the things around us, all appear gradually, in front of us, one kind of product, the material, may use is various, so different material of two kinds of lady handbags maintenance method of is what? Let fashion handbag custom-made small below to tell us. 1 ms, suede turn fur fabric handbags maintenance: this kind of leather ladies handbags are easily dirty, because the material is special. About suede fur lady handbags, leather factory advice usually don't buy too gorgeous bags. Bag out the dirt, don't use maintain fluid, suggest that can use a soft brush brush gently along the direction of MAO, or use a rubber wipe gently, or find leather factory processing. Ms 2 fabrics, suede handbags care maintenance: soft suede fabrics, pore is small, if dirty, can use clean cotton cloth scrub directly to smear on the surface of the leather. With oil, acid alkali contact, don't touch water. About leather ladies handbags and maintenance, again not in the hot sun exposure, acid alkali less contact. A beloved woman bag with some very long time, you still should usually pay more attention to care, care!
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