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Detail production should pay attention to what aspects do my bag!

by:ANGEDANLIA     2020-07-24
See a bag's quality is good, we can, through its detailed production can know, if these aspects was not well done, it will be easy to affect the use, then the detail production should pay attention to what aspects do my bag! Let guangzhou female bag processing factory below small make up details for us. 1. Straps: an important part of the package, is also the most easily damaged parts. Check the straps on the presence of suture, crack, watch straps and package body connection is strong. All kinds of bags should pay attention to braces, the backpackers will pay more attention to harness the bearing and fastness, pay special attention to when choosing. 2. Surface: level off, smooth, no joint design, no bubble, no burrs, naked. 3. Line: no matter the open wire or wiring sewing bag, the length of the needle came here should be uniform, and there is no thrum exposed, pay attention to the stitching is no wrinkles, lines are reached, to see if the cable head place can cause cracking of package. 4. : choose textiles and leather products, the color should be coordinated with package surface. The lining seam is more, unfavorable pins should be fine, too. 5. Hardware: package as external accessories, have the effect that make the finishing point. Optional packages, the shape of the hardware, the work should be aware, such as hardware are golden, be sure to consult whether easy to fade. Like, make-up box has the handle of the suitcase, will pay attention to. 6. Glue: choose a package, be sure to drag drag components, see glue adhesion is strong. Especially, some fashion bags, because the style good-looking, ornament thing well, so it will be very attract people's attention, but if these ornament thing joint is not very strong, it lost its characteristics. 7. Zip: check whether the line around the taut, and package joint is natural. Especially some key bag, cosmetic bag, can store more something hard bags, more should pay more attention to. 8. Button: it is a small accessories, compared to the zip, more easily also change, so also should pay more attention when choosing. Such as CD bag, purse, often open the package, when the choice must pay attention to the practicability of buckles. If you'd like to know more about details about bag production which should pay attention to some information, you can click on guangzhou female packet processing factory website page to browse!
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